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Tyler Haws Watch

(Photo by Kyle Chilton/BYU Athletic Communications)

Saturday's coverage

UPDATE: It was announced Saturday morning that Tyler Haws made the team! Check out the announcement here. Team USA's five pool play games will be televised on ESPNU, according to this Web site. A more official source regarding the broadcast plans will be provided when it is made available.



Head Coach Bob McKillop
“We had a very torturous dinner making the decision about the cuts. We had to let go three terrific young men. It was not easy. I’m very, very thrilled with the 12 that we have. We think that they’re earned that opportunity and we’re pleased that they’ll represent the United States.”

On why Tyler Haws made the team:
“He’s tough. He’s smart. He’s team oriented. He’s coachable. He’s talented.”

"He struggled early, and he didn't let that become a snowball going down a hill. He stopped the snowball and righted himself and didn't live or dwell on the past. He went on to the next drill and that’s going to be a pivotal part of our success. You’re going to make mistakes. How we respond to mistakes is going to be key.”

“We’ll spend the next two or three days seeing how he can help us and then we’ll get to Russia, we’ll have two scrimmages. At that point we’ll have a pretty good definition as to who’s going to play what role.”

 Thursday and Friday's coverage

BYU junior guard Tyler Haws is in Colorado Springs, Colo., at the US Olympic Training Center competing for a spot on the USA World University Games team. Follow here for news and updates.

Training camp opened with one practice on Monday, June 24, and the team has gone through two practices each day since. On Wednesday, the roster was cut from 26 players to 16. USA Basketball announced Friday morning that Rodney Hood of Duke was forced to withdraw due to injury. The roster is likely to be cut from 15 to the 12 that will go to Russia Friday evening.

The 12 selected to the squad will practice Saturday and Sunday in Colorado Springs before heading to Kazan, Russia, for the World University Games on Monday, July 1. Opening ceremonies are scheduled for July 6.



Tyler Haws, June 27
“It’s been intense. There are so many good players out here. It’s been a really good experience so far. I’ve learned a lot. Hopefully we can continue to play a few more days."

“Obviously I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable. The first day you knew names but you’d never really played against them before. It was fun to see where my game stood against those guys. I feel very comfortable out here and I feel I can play with anyone.”

“I love the coaches that are out here. You can tell they’ve been around the game a long time and have a lot of experience. I’ve learned, probably most importantly, to understand your game and make sure you don’t go outside of that. The guys here are so good that when you go outside of your game it doesn’t work. I’m a shooter so I’ve got to look for opportunities to get my shot and then just compete and work hard every play.”

“Every time you put the (USA) jersey on it is definitely special and something that I’ll never forget.”

“Everyone out here is a leader and they’re leaders on their teams. I feel like I’m learning a lot of leadership skills from them. I can also take away a lot of confidence after coming to something like this because you feel like you can play against anyone. These guys are the best in the country.”

Tyler Haws, June 28
On how the week has gone so far:
“I feel like it’s been great. I’ve tried to show the coaches as much as I can of what I can do to help the team. We have a scrimmage tonight so hopefully I can show a few things there and wherever it lands it lands.”

On the scrimmage:
“You have to treat it just like any other practice and get your mind and body ready to go, just as you would if you were walking into practice. I’ll be ready to go and hopefully I can show a few things there.”
“It will be a relief just to let loose a little but and just have some fun in a game setting. But I’ve got to stay aggressive and stay on attack all the time.”
On the pressure to perform at practice:
“There is a lot of pressure but you can’t think too much about that stuff. You’ve got to just go play as hard as you can and focus on all the little things and try and show the coaches that you can help this team win.”
“I try not to think about any missed shot. I try and focus on other things besides making or missing shots. I focus on my follow through and other little things like that.”
On the team USA setting:
“It’s great. Sometimes you step back and think ‘holy cow, this is USA basketball.” It’s fun and I’m enjoying the whole experience.”
On his comfort level:
“I feel comfortable with this group and I’m getting more and more comfortable with the coaches.”
Approaching the first cut vs. tonight’s cut
“I feel the same. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I feel like I’ve shown what I can do on offense and defense. I feel good regardless.”
“You come to something like this and you just have to lay it all out on the court and I feel like I’ve done that.”