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Annual Watermelon Bust This Saturday

The annual Meet the Team "Watermelon Bust" sponsored by the Cougar Club will be held August 19 from 12:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with the program beginning at 1:30 p.m. in Cougar Stadium.

"This year's event will be bigger and better than ever," said Cougar Club Executive Director Michael Middleton. "With food, prizes, games, races and lots of other activities, we hope this becomes 'the' annual community event to kick-off each football season."

This year the Watermelon Bust will be open to the entire community with a number of activities exclusively for club members.

One of these will be a pre-event social where Cougar Club members will be able to meet a number of the marquee members of the football team. The social will go from 12:45--1:30 p.m.

Food will be free for club members at the event while non-club members will be able to purchase food for a nominal fee ($2-3). There will also be some treats (popsicles, popcorn, etc.) at no cost for all in attendance.

Featuring BYU head football coach LaVell Edwards, the program will begin at 1:30 with games and activities following. As always, watermelon will be served following the program.

At the start of the program a Punt/Pass/Kick competition with individuals competing against a football player. At the conclusion of the program fans will line up to race one of the team's fastest players from goal line to goal line. Each contestant will be given a head start, depending on age and athletic ability.

"We hope to increase Cougar Club membership and donations, to promote the BYU Football Team and to provide current club members with an entertaining event," said Kevin Elzey, Cougar Club Assistant Director.

Watermelon Bust activities include a pre-program social for club members, opportunities to kick a field goal kick and catch a pass with BYU players, a football toss, photos in the new BYU football uniform, a Cosmo Dunk Tank, a Hall of Fame Open House, Stadium Tours, and discounted merchandise.

Representatives from the Cougar Club and Cosmo's Kids Club as well as a booth for football and basketball ticket sales will be available. Please bring your membership card.


Pre-Program Meet the Players Social (exclusive to club members)

From 12:45 to 1:30 there will be an exclusive Cougar Club pre-program social where members will be able to meet some of the marquee players in Cougar Room. Cougar Club members will be able to interact with 8-10 star players before the event. While the social is free, access will be limited to Club members.

Post-Program Meet the Players

Fans will be able to interact with members of the team at the end of the program (2:00 p.m.-2:45 p.m.). Visit, get autographs and enjoy delicious Green River watermelon.

Stadium Tours

Tours of the President's Loge, the Locker Room and the Cougar Club Room will be open to the public from 2:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Cosmo Dunk Tank

Sponsored by the Cougar cheerleaders and Cosmo's Kids Club, Cosmo will be on hand and in the tank. Prizes will be given to those who can get him wet.

Kick a Field Goal

Attendees will be able to interact with BYU players and kick a field goal. This will be limited to 8th graders and under.

Catch A Pass

Some of the team quarterbacks and receivers will be throwing passes to fans as they run routes behind the south end zone. Again, this will be limited to 8th graders and under.

Football Toss

The football toss hoops will be set up to give the public the chance to try their hand at the half-time contest they see throughout the season.

Photos In Uniform

Attendees can have their photo taken in a team jersey (shoulder pads and helmet optional) or a cheerleader outfit. Their picture will be simultaneously broadcast onto the stadium jumbo-screen and visible over their shoulder in the photo. There will be a low-priced fee for the photo with a reduced fee for Club members.

Cougar Club/Hall of Fame Open House

The Cougar Club Room and BYU Athletic Hall of Fame will be open to everyone after the program. A member of the club staff will be available to answer questions and welcome all who visit.

Cougar Club Closeout

The Cougar Club will closeout old merchandise and sell new items to members at discounted prices. To receive the discount you will need your membership card.

100-yard Sprint

Members of the Cougar Club who want to participate may enter a drawing to race the fastest football player in a 100-yard sprint across the field. The player will begin at the goal line with the fans starting at various yard lines (under 10 begin at the 50-yard line, 11-15 at the 40, 15+ at the 30, over 55 at the 50, etc.). Those who beat the player to the end zone will receive a prize.


Names of club members will also be drawn to compete in a punt/pass/kick competition. The contestants will begin at the north end zone by punting the football as far as they can. From where the ball lands, the contestant will then throw the ball as far as he/she can. Then, from where the ball lands again, the contestant must kick a field goal. Those that make the field goal will win a mountain bike donated by Mad Dog Cycles in Orem.

Cougar Club Booth

Members of the Cougar Club staff will be on hand to answer questions about the official booster club of BYU Athletics. Those who join Cougar Club at the event will receive a free t-shirt. Also, club members who sign up their friends will receive an official Nike player hat.

Cosmo's Kids Club Booth

Representatives from the new Cosmo's Kids Club will be at the event. Parents will be able to sign up their children as members. Membership fee is $10 for the General Public and $5 for children and grandchildren of Cougar Club members.

Football and Basketball Ticket Sales

Representatives from the BYU ticket office will be on hand to sell football season and single game tickets, basketball season tickets and family ticket packages.