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Brian Sanders: In the Lunchroom

Sophomore Brian Sanders, who weighs in at a intimidating 325 pounds, will be competing for playing time along the offensive line this season. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Brian Sanders, who has trimmed down from 385 to 325 pounds in just over a year, will look to increase his playing time along the offensive line. Sanders, a native of Mira Loma, Calif., was a three-time all-league selection in high school. He helped lead Jurupa Valley High School to a 10-2 record as a senior. Sanders, who recently turned 22, served a Church mission in Fort Worth, Texas. Nicknamed "Lunchroom", Sanders is as big as the state of Texas and should make an impact on the O-line this season.

Last season, Sanders played a back-up roll at both right and left tackle. This season, Sanders is on the second-team offensive unit, and is expected to make a solid contribution at the guard position.

After returning from his mission in Texas (last February), Sanders weighed in at 385 pounds. After a regimented conditioning program, Sanders dropped to 340 in time for Fall camp. He is now a slim and trim 325 pounds and is on top of his game.

Q. How did you get the nickname, "Lunchroom?"

A: Coach French was ranting and raving one day at practice. He was mad because I had eaten so much at lunch. After a pretty tough workout, I started throwing up. Coach French started yelling at me, "If you wouldn't have eaten the whole lunchroom ..." It just kind of stuck. I like the nickname. I think it's one of the better ones on the team.

Q. Speaking of lunch, if you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?

A: I would have lunch with my friend and teammate Vincent Xanthos. He's my next door neighbor in the locker room. You know, we have to take care of our neighbors, right?

Q. What is the most memorable football game you have played in and why?

A: The first varsity high school game I played in was definitely the most memorable. I was only a sophomore. It was against Ramona High School and I had no clue what to expect. It turned out that it was a little easier than I thought it was going to be.

Q. What would your dream vacation be?

A: Anywhere I can go and just lie on the beach.

Q. What is one thing none of your teammates know about you?

A: I used to surf all over California, Huntington Beach mostly. I could hold my own.

Q. What is the most difficult obstacle you have had to overcome in becoming a college athlete?

A: The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is being overweight. I've had to watch what I eat, and work a little bit harder than everyone else. Usually, after a workout, I will get on the bike, just to make sure I'm doing a little extra.

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I just like relaxing and watching movies. My favorite movie is Tommy Boy. Chris Farley was pretty funny.

Q. Who is your favorite band or musician?

A: Simon and Garfunkel. I like the song, "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Q. What was your favorite cartoon when you were growing up?

A: He-Man. He had a pretty nice body. (Don't take that the wrong way.)

Q. What was your most memorable vacation?

A: I hiked the Grand Canyon with my family.

Q. What is something girls in Provo should know about you?

A: I'm very single and there's a lot of me to love. One other thing, we can do lunch just about anytime.