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UP CLOSE: Landon Jaussi

(Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

Nickname: Too many

Favorite cold cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds

Favorite Bronco Mendenhall Quote: “There are only two ways a man fails: he gives up or dies.”

Why did I choose to play football over other sports: It is the ultimate team game.

Before a football game, I: Listen to the ipod and crack a few jokes to stay loose.

How did I spend my off-season: Got married to the most beautiful girl ever.

Who is the best player I’ve ever faced: Graham Harrell or Matthew Stafford, take your pick.

What would I like to do sometime in my life is: Win the show “Wipeout”

One place I would like to visit: Great Wall of China

If I could play another position, what would it be: Quarterback

Who has had the greatest influence on my football career and why: High school football coach Bill Whitman

What do I want to be doing 20 years from now: Retired in Puerto Rico

How did I select my jersey number: One of my best friends in high school wore it, I wear it to remember him.

What is my favorite hobby or activity away from football: I love music, games, and making my own smoothies.

What is the best book I’ve ever read: The Millionaire Next Door

People say I look like: The funny/poet guy from Knight’s Tale

My favorite professor or most interesting class I’ve taken at BYU: Marriage Preparation, Brent Barlow

If I had to give up all of my possessions except one, what would be the one thing I kept and why: My mission journals, they have wonderful memories inside of them.

My favorite scripture: Moses 1:39

My favorite website: www.cnbc.com

My advice to youngsters: Always put the Lord first and follow your dreams.

If I were on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,”the person I’d call for my lifeline is (and why): My cousin, Garrett Coles, he is the smartest person I know.

If I were hosting you on a recruiting visit to Provo, the most impressive thing I’d have to show you is: Fat Cats

My least favorite trip is and why: Branson, Missouri the Las Vegas of country music

One rule I’d change in college football is: Helmet to helmet contact

If I could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be: Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Cuban, Will Smith

On game day my friends and relatives: Come and watch

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