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Cougars Unveil New Look for 2000

PROVO -- Due to recent NCAA revisions that permits white to be used only as a number, an outline, neck brace or for use in the school logo, the Cougars and their Nike designers went back to the drawing board and come up with a slightly new look for the 2000 season.

"We have always followed the NCAA rules and guidelines regarding uniform design," BYU equipment manager Mick Hill said. "We have always made subtle changes to our uniforms over the years and have always been within the guidelines. Even with last year's uniform, the NCAA approved it and with the changes in the rules this year, we're making the necessary changes to achieve compliance with the NCAA."

In the early days of BYU football, the Cougars wore a dark blue jersey (Prussian Blue), trimmed in gold and white. The new uniforms will be dark blue (officially registered as BYU Blue), trimmed in tan and white. Perhaps the most noticeable difference in 2000 will be the absence of the now-famous white "bib".

"The new rules regarding the use of white on the uniforms would not permit it," Hill said. "Nike has been great to work with on this project and I think the changes in the uniforms will be well received."

The home uniforms will be solid blue, with white numbers trimmed with tan. Tan will also be used as an accent color in the form of a stripe that runs up the side of the uniform, as well as a thin tan ribbing that runs from under the arm to the side of the neckline. The pants will be solid blue with a tan stripe on each side of the leg to match the stripe on the side of the shirt, appearing as one continues stripe from under the arm to the bottom of the pant.

Although the road uniform will remain virtually unchanged, there have been a couple slight changes. To match the design of the home uniform, the road jersey will also have a thin blue ribbing that runs from under the arm to the side of the neckline. In addition, the road jersey will have a blue stripe that runs down each side of the jersey, matching the blue stripes on each side of the pants.