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Football Media Day Central 2012

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*Check out the commercial that debuted on BYUtv today. Who's excited for the season?

Football Media Day Central is the place to follow all the action at the second-annual BYU Football Media Day. On Wednesday, June 25, Football Media Day will give fans and media an in-depth look at the program as the Cougars head into their second season as an independent.

New content will be posted throughout the day on Wednesday as we preview the 2012 season and give you a behind the scenes look at BYU Football Media Day.

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Check the BYU Football Blog throughout the day for insights on what is happening at BYU Football Media Day.

Check back often to see what players, coaches, former players and media members are saying during media day.

Quotes from The State of the Program broadcast

"We have a great tradition at BYU. Right now the most important thing we can focus on is this year. If we're good, we'll be recognized by the nation." - Tom Holmoe

"I love the BYU/Utah rivalry. I think we'll keep playing that game. We do not want to drop it." - Tom Holmoe

"It's been a fantastic seven years. The things we have accomplished to this point, I'm very proud of. The exposure we received last year, I think only five teams were seen more than us on national television." - Bronco Mendenhall

"When you put out a quality product with compelling stories... that combination is not only powerful for ESPN, but also for BYU." - Bronco Mendenhall

"As the landscape shifts, it's great to see Bronco and his staff stay consistent. I'm most proud of the fact that the program continues to grow amidst all the change going on around us." - Tom Holmoe

"The bowl business is not only about intrigue, but it's also about making money. I'd be very surprised to not see us be the coveted team by a number of bowls simply by how we play and how we are." - Bronco Mendenhall

"We're not going to change for money, we're not going to change for anything that would go against our principles. We are who we are." - Tom Holmoe

"I pinch myself when I come in here [the BYU Broadcasting Building]. We have resources that no one else has access to." - Tom Holmoe

"There is another layer to BYU. It's allowing people to see. BYU, when they recruit, doesn't want to have to shoehorn kids into BYU's standards." - Trevor Matich

"People that love BYU are able to find us. Considering our (previous) lack of access, there are a number of compelling stories of those wanting to see us who now can." - Bronco Mendenhall

"The principles and values at BYU will never become irrelevant." - Bronco Mendenhall

Quotes from The Bronco Mendenhall Era broadcast

"Ultimately, when Coach Mendenhall came in, he said 'I'm going to work you to death to see your true colors and the true leaders will rise to the top." - Curtis Brown

"A lot of my favorite moments [from BYU] have nothing to do with football and are just the relationships I made here. Coach Mendenhall has a special place in my heart." - Vic So' oto

"Oh, I think he's (Bronco) doing very well. He's first and foremost an outstanding defensive football coach. I think he does have a good plan in place and seems to be executing it well." - LaVell Edwards

"I've always admired how [LaVell Edwards] ran the program. He served as a really good example. I can't be him but I hope the results will be similar."  - Bronco Mendenhall
"I ended up on the bottom of the pile with my headset still on. That was a good feeling." - Bronco Mendenhall on the Beck to Harline play
"As players, we really benefited from his (Max Hall's) competitive nature. He made us all better because of it. You could tell he wanted to win and it rubbed off on us." - Austin Collie 



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8 am - 9 am Legends of the Rivalry BYUtv /
9 am - 10 am Live Video Webchats*
9 am - 10 am BYUtv Sports Special: Spring Football BYUtv /
10 am - 11 am BYU State of the Program (Live) BYUtv / / ESPN3 / BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
11 am - 12 pm True Blue: 2012 Football Preview BYUtv /
11 am - 12 pm BYU Football on BYU Radio BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
12 pm - 1 pm BYUtv Sports Special: Signing Day BYUtv / / BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
12 pm - 2 pm Live Video Webchats*
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1 pm - 2 pm Tradition, Spirit, Honor BYUtv / / BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
2 pm - 3 pm The Bronco Mendenhall Era (Live) BYUtv / / ESPN3 / BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
3 pm - 5:30 pm Armed Forces Bowl BYUtv / / BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
3 pm - 3:30 pm Live Video Webchats (Spanish)*
3 pm - 4 pm Matt Townsend Show featuring BYU Football BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
4 pm - 5 pm Radio Rebroadcast of True Blue: 2012 Football Preview BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
5 pm - 6 pm Matt Townsend Show feat. BYU Football (Rebroadcast) BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
5:30 pm - 6 pm Legends: Chad Lewis BYUtv / / BYU Radio (SiriusXM)
6 pm - 7 pm BYU State of the Program (Rebroadcast) BYUtv /
7 pm - 8 pm The Bronco Mendenhall Era (Rebroadcast) BYUtv /
8 pm - 9 pm True Blue: 2012 Football Preview (Rebroadcast) BYUtv /
9 pm - 10 pm BYU State of the Program (Rebroadcast) BYUtv /
10 pm - 11 pm The Bronco Mendenhall Era (Rebroadcast) BYUtv /
11 pm - 12 am True Blue: 2012 Football Preview (Rebroadcast) BYUtv /
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