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Former Players Conducting Football Camps

John Beck and several other former Cougars plan to share their insights with young players. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Several former BYU football players – including John Beck, Bryan Kehl, Austin Collie, Todd Watkins, Cameron Jensen, Ryan Denney, Chad Lewis and Reno Mahe -- are conducting three different football camps this summer.

The former Cougars say they hope to help young players and instill in them what they have learned throughout their college and professional careers.

“We feel we have learned a lot of valuable things in college and during our careers that we want to share,” said John Beck, now a quarterback with the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. “There are a lot of little things that are not hard but can help you as you move up to the next level of football, to junior high to high school and to college. We want to help make a difference for players as they get ready for their next level of football.”

Young players from the fourth grade through high school can participate in the camps. Two camps are being conducted in Provo, one on July 6th (4th-6th grade) and another on July 7th (7th-12th grade), while a third camp will take place in St. George on July 13th (4th-12th grade).

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