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Greg Wrubell's #CougarQuiz No. 8

(Photo by BYU Photo)

Three weeks from today, BYU football players report for training camp, so we're down to our final three trivia tests of the camp-countdown season here at #CougarQuiz headquarters.

Since opening with a solid 60% score in week one, repsondents' results have been in the low to high 50s every week. Is this the week Cougar Nation gets back into 60% territory?

Give it a go and be sure to share the quiz with your BYU-fan friends and family; the social-media share buttons below the quiz are quity handy. Good luck, as always, and Go Cougars!

Weekly scores so far-- 

#CougarQuiz No. 1: 60%

#CougarQuiz No. 2: 59%

#CougarQuiz No. 3: 57%

#CougarQuiz No. 4: 50%

#CougarQuiz No. 5: 56%

#CougarQuiz No. 6: 57%

#CougarQuiz No. 7: 59%