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Head coach Bronco Mendenhall post-practice comments

(Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

The following comments are from head coach Bronco Mendenhall’s post-practice press briefing, including comments from running back Jamaal Williams.

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall
On the San Jose State game
They score 30 something points a game and 300 plus yards through the air. It will be a big challenge. They are a good team. I think it will be a great game; looking forward to the challenge. It’s another road game with great TV exposure with two good teams playing. Yeah, our team is excited to play.

Why was Utah State so successful in getting sacks against San Jose State?
I watched all of that film. Some of it was scheme but some of it was just one-on-one players doing their job. San Jose State also threw for a lot of yards and scored 27 points. It’s amazing when you sack someone 11, 12 or 13 times and they can still score 27 points and throw the ball up and down the field. They are dangerous.

On difference from San Jose State from last year to this year
It’s just another year of maturity and execution. It’s a very similar offense they are just doing it at a higher level than they did a year ago.

On Justin Sorensen missing a field goal and then going for another kick at the end of the game
It wasn’t really that he missed it but the hold was so poor in execution. I wasn’t sure because it was so cold the snap, the hold was part of it or not. I thought it might just be safer to go for it if it was 4th-and-1 or 4th-and-2. When it became apparent he was kicking extra points fine and kicking off fine and that was consistent then I decided to put him back in.

On absence of Joe Sampson and Mike Hague and what it does to nickel package defense
It completely changes it. Spencer Hadley is having to come in and learn and do extra things and Craig Bills as well. Luckily we have good enough athletes to keep a semblance of nickel, it’s just a different style than what we were doing before.

How real is the danger of an emotional let down this week following senior night and the off-field stuff?
I don’t think there is a danger of that. If anything I think they’ll be sharper this week. It is an away game against a good team at the end of the year. I think the teams will be looking forward to playing in this one. I don’t anticipate a let down.

On possibility of facing SDSU in Poinsettia Bowl
That would be a great game. San Diego State has a good team. I think it would be great for the City of San Diego and, man, weather and water sounds good to me too.

On injuries
Manoa Pikula and Uani Unga didn’t practice today but I would hope they are ready to play in the game. Braden Hansen didn’t practice yet but Brock Stringham did. 

Running back Jamaal Williams
How big of a goal is it to get to 1,000 yards?
It really wasn’t one of my primary goals this year year. I was just trying to get on the field and just do what I can as a freshman. It’s starting to become one of my goals but it’s not one of my primary goals. I believe I can get to it if I just keep doing what I’m doing, running hard and physical and showing that I can get there. I believe I can do it.

On confidence level
It’s very humble. We know we are doing well right now but we are going to keep doing what we do and just stay level headed. We aren’t going to come in to cocky or anything but come in aggressive and competitive and show them that we are a challenge for them.