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Jason Scukanec, Up Close

Nickname: Sook

Favorite cold cereal: Little chocolate doughnuts.

What is my favorite Gary Crowton quote: "I wish I was more like Scukanec."

Why did I choose to play football over other sports: Too fat to play hockey.

Before a football game, I: Aerobisize and rigorously stretch.

How did I spend my off-season: Watching every episode of Star Trek and Saved By the Bell.

Who has had the greatest influences on my football career and why: Don Knotts, head coach from Gus the field goal-kicking mule.

What do I want to be doing 20 years from now: Hosting the Scukanec Brothers' Hour on sports-talk radio.

Who is the best player I've ever faced: Isaac Herring.

Who is the dirtiest team I've ever played: Stan Girts' Pee-Wee Raiders (4th Grade).

What would I like to do sometime in my life: Roam the Highlands in fur boots (knee-high), with my wife following, playing the bagpipes.

If I could play another position, what would it be: Left defenseman for the Redwings.

How did I select my jersey number: It was handed to me by the great Mark McCloskey.

What is the best book I've ever read: Any selection from Calvin & Hobbes.

People say I look like: A younger, more-attractive Mike Borich.

My favorite professor or most interesting class I've taken at BYU: Self-Defense, Justin Freeman.

My most memorable athletic achievement or moment: I've never done anything remotely athletic.

If I had to give up all my possessions except one, I would keep: My Merle Haggard CD collection.

My Favorite scripture: Luke 11:19.

My advice to youngsters: "Never get less than 12 hours sleep."

Interesting fact most people don't know about me: I was People magazine's sexiest man alive in 1997.

If I were on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the person I'd call for my lifeline is and why: Jimmy "The Saint" from Flatbush.

If you could invite any three people to dinner who would they be: Donny (who loves bowling), Walter and the Dude.

On game day, my friends and relatives follow the game: By watching them (Duh!).