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Kam Valgardson, Up Close

Nickname: K-Train, Kam-Tastic

Favorite cold cereal: Captain Crunch

What is your favorite LaVell Edwards quote: "Let's do what we need to do to do what we need to do!"

Why did you choose to play football over other sports: Because I weigh 285 pounds

Before a football game, I: Listen to the comic banter on the O-line.

How did you spend your off-season: Moving houses, running a backhoe

Who has had the greatest influences on your football career and why: Wayne Faalafua, Provo High O-line coach, he told me I could get here.

What do you want to be doing 20 years from now: Building big houses and be skinny.

Who is the best player you've ever faced: Chris Woods, Florida State

The dirtiest team I've ever played is: Fresno State

What would you like to do sometime in your life: Get married.

If you could play another position, what would it be: Receiver

What is your most memorable athletic achievement or moment: Winning the championship at the University of Utah's field.

What is your favorite hobby or activity away from football: Sleeping.

What is the best book you've ever read: Tolkein's Lord of the Rings

My favorite BYU professor: Brother Bott's D & C

One place I would like to visit: Europe

How did you select your jersey number: My grandpa was #61

If you had to give up all of your possessions except one, what would be the one thing you kept and why: My '94 Chevy Lumina, the ladies love it.

People say I look like: Garth Brooks

My advice to youngsters: Work hard and stay honest.

My Favorite scripture is: 1 Nephi 3:7

My Favorite website is: eBay

If I were on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", the person I'd call for my lifeline is and why: George Allen, my dad's lawyer, he knows everything.

If you could invite any three people to dinner who would they be: Ben Archibald and the two tall Dixie Chicks.