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Kyle Wilson - Up Close

Favorite cold cereal:Cinnamon Life

What is my favorite Gary Crowton quote:"Get in here close so I can smell ya."

Why did I choose to play football over other sports:Because I sink like a rock in water.

Before a football game, I:Drink a lot of water.

How did I spend my off-season:Off-season?

Who is the best player I've ever faced:Ricky Gardner SFHS.

The dirtiest team I've ever played is:The Air Force Academy.

What would I like to do sometime in my life:Travel the world.

One place I would like to visit:Jerusalem.

If I could play another position, what would it be:Free safety.

Who has had the greatest influence on my football career and why:My family, they have always supported me.

What do I want to be doing 20 years from now:Watching my kids play ball..

How did I select my jersey number:After several days of prayer and meditation all the other numbers had been taken.

What is my favorite hobby or activity away from football:Horseback riding.

People say I look like:I'm angry.

My favorite professor or most interesting class I've taken at BYU:Reed Benson, New Testament.

What is my most memorable athletic achievement or moment:Winning the wrestling state championship back-to-back.

If I had to give up all of my possessions except one, what would be the one thing I kept:My Patriarchal blessing.

My favorite scripture:2 Nephi 31:20.

My favorite

My advice to youngsters:Work hard and have fun..

Interesting fact most people don't know about me:I have six fingers on my right hand.

If I were on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," the person I'd call for my lifeline is and why:Ben Stein, he knows everything.

If I could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be:Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and my future wife (that would make things so much easier).

On game day my friends and relatives:My whole family has a barbeque at my place with my roommates, then they either go to the game or watch it on TV.