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Weekly press briefing--Bye Week

(Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

The following comments are from head coach Bronco Mendenhall's Monday post-practice press briefing.

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall:

Opening comments:
After the film and watching Boise State, that was a really good football game. Offensively and defensively we continue to gain momentum. I think our team is improving and that they are more optimistic than ever. The bye week comes at a really good time to heal and to give us a few extra days to look at Wisconsin. We're looking forward to a great game in Madison on a big stage, in front of a lot of people and I think that our team is looking forward to it. I like where the bye has come and I think it is setting up nicely for our stretch run of the next four games but more importantly, our next game.

Injury update: 
Everybody looks good for the game. Those that had concussions have improved from gameday until now. If we were playing this coming Saturday that would be touch and go but being the next Saturday, there is no risk. 

On the opportunity to play the upcoming schedule:
It's really what we were hoping when we became independent. It's fun to have had Texas in our stadium, it's fun to have had Georgia Tech in our stadium, it's fun to have had Boise State in our stadium, it's fun to have had Utah in our stadium and now late in the year, as an independent, we get Wisconsin and Notre Dame. That's closer to what I envisioned at the beginning. It just takes time to get there.

The impact of th junior-college transfers this season: 
Robertson Daniel might be, because of our lack of depth in the secondary and at corner specifically, he might be one of the most valuable players on the team in terms of impact. If a player goes down, who could have the biggest impact on our team? It might be him and he has done a really nice job not only in coverage but tackling as well. De'Ondre (Wesley), with some of the challenges at offensive tackle, he has had a huge influence. Recently Edward Fusi, now that his conditioning, now that his academic issues, now that his transfer status etc., has practiced long enough and has started to emerge as the person we thought he was.   

On the play of the tight ends:
Well there is more and more focus going on Taysom (Hill) running it and there is more and more focus going outside in terms of covering our receivers. When that happens, the linebackers become the next target in term of conflict and that means our inside receivers. Brett Thompson took a ball to the eye and had a damaged retna so he didn't play and the tight ends took that spot and made the most of it.  

How would you characterize Kyle Van Noy's play this season?
I don't ever underestimate what Kyle can do. He's drawing a lot of attention by our opponents, I know that. There have been a lot of protection slides towards him and he's being chipped a lot. He's playing a lot of plays but he's really good. Any accalades that he gets, he deserves.