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Tee Time: The 2008-2009 BYU Men's Golf team

Top: Brady Johnson, Daniel Reid, Sterling Clark, Jordan Hammer, Mike Jurca, Stephen Archibald. Bottom: Esteban Calisto, Nick Killpack, Robbie Fillmore, Jordan Rodgers (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Get to know your 2008-2009 BYU men's golf team.


How old were you when you first started playing golf?

Killpack: 4 years old

Johnson: 10 years old

Clark: 10 years old

Calisto: 3 years old

Reid: 4 years old

Rodgers: 5 years old

Archibald: 10 years old

Hammer: 5 years old

Jurca: 6 years old


What has been the highlight of your athletic career?

Killpack: Member of the BYU golf team

Johnson: Being a member of the BYU golf team

Clark: Teeing it up in 1st place at the NCAA Tournament as a team

Calisto: Player of the Year in Ecuador – 2004-05

Reid: Tied for 1st in the Hogan Cup; playing for BYU

Rodgers: 1st touchdown in football and my first hole-in-one

Archibald: 1st Hole-in-one at Southgate golf course

Hammer: 3-time State champions at Dixie High – Individual medalist 2006

Jurca: Winning state championships with my high school team


What is the toughest golf course you've ever played on?

Killpack: Dixie Red Hills

Johnson: The Golf Club of Georgia

Clark: Bandon Dunes, Torrey Pines

Calisto: Mirasol Country Club – Palm Beach, FL

Reid: Cypress Point

Rodgers: Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes

Archibald: Torrey Pines

Hammer: Torrey Pines

Jurca: Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club


What is your favorite golf course?

Killpack: Augusta

Johnson: Gold Mountain or Murphy Creek

Clark: Bandon Dunes

Calisto: Quito Tennis and Golf Club “El Condado”

Reid: Glenwild Golf Course

Rodgers: Bandon Dunes

Archibald: Torrey Pines

Hammer: Torrey Pines

Jurca: Dixie Red Hills Golf Course


If you could change anything about golf, what would you change?

Killpack: Nothing

Johnson: Relief from divots in the fairway

Clark: How big the hole is

Calisto: It’s a perfect game

Reid: Make it more fair

Rodgers: Fixing spike marks

Archibald: Fixing spike marks

Hammer: Being able to fix spike marks on the greens

Jurca: Nothing – I love the game the way it is


What do you like most about the game of golf?

Killpack: Everything

Johnson: The competition

Clark: Tee shots – seeing “tunnel vision”

Calisto: Making putts

Reid: The mental process

Rodgers: The mental part

Archibald: You’re on your own

Hammer: It is all on you – there are no excuses

Jurca: It’s the most challenging game on earth


What is your favorite club to use or what is your favorite shot to take in golf?

Killpack: My wedges

Johnson: The long wand

Clark: Tight drive carrying over water or sinking a long putt to win

Calisto: ---

Reid: High cut with a 5-iron

Rodgers: Putter, high draw

Archibald: One-hop stop

Hammer: Putter

Jurca: I love hitting my 7-iron


Who is your favorite athlete?

Killpack: Bo Jackson

Johnson: Lee Westwood

Clark: Michael Jordan

Calisto: Jeferson Perez

Reid: Dwayne Wade

Rodgers: Walter Payton

Archibald: Tiger Woods

Hammer: Tiger Woods

Jurca: Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan


Who is the most famous person you have met?

Killpack: Jack Nicklaus

Johnson: Todd Miller

Clark: Mike Weir

Calisto: Todd Miller

Reid: Jack Nicklaus

Rodgers: Karl Malone

Archibald: Dr. J

Hammer: Dr. J

Jurca: Mehmet Okur


If you could have dinner with any three people, who would you invite?

Killpack: Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods

Johnson: My grandma, Ghandi, and Pierre Trudeau

Clark: My sweet wife Alicia, my mom, and dad

Calisto: Jack Nicklaus, my dad, and Tiger Woods

Reid: My parents

Rodgers: Walter Payton, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jordan

Archibald: Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods

Hammer: Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and my dad

Jurca: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Brian Urlacher


What is your favorite city to visit?

Killpack: Chicago

Johnson: Victoria, British Colombia

Clark: Seattle

Calisto: Quito, Ecuador

Reid: Grolon, Connecticut

Rodgers: San Diego

Archibald: Anywhere in Hawaii

Hammer: ---

Jurca: Chicago


Who is the first person you call after a tournament?

Killpack: Dad and girlfriend

Johnson: Dad

Clark: My wife, Alicia

Calisto: Dad

Reid: Dad

Rodgers: Mom

Archibald: Dad

Hammer: Mom or Dad

Jurca: Dad


What is your favorite holiday?

Killpack: Christmas

Johnson: Christmas

Clark: Christmas

Calisto: Christmas

Reid: Christmas

Rodgers: Christmas

Archibald: Christmas

Hammer: Christmas

Jurca: Christmas


What is your favorite color?

Killpack: Blue

Johnson: Cougar blue

Clark: Forest green

Calisto: Cobalt

Reid: Blue

Rodgers: Baby blue

Archibald: Gray

Hammer: Blue

Jurca: Baby blue


Favorite thing about BYU in general?

Killpack: The environment

Johnson: The mountains and the sunshine

Clark: Academics + close to home; morals

Calisto: The golf team

Reid: The tradition

Rodgers: The golf team

Archibald: The golf team

Hammer: Being on the golf team with a bunch of good guys

Jurca: Surrounded by good people