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Tee Time: Greg Machtaler

Greatest BYU golf memory: It's definitely a tie between our win last year in Austin, TX (Morris Williams) and my win in October (2004) at the Fresno Classic

Favorite BYU professor: Conrad Todd -- 485 RMYL

Favorite BYU class: Computer Applications 412

Favorite Coach Brockbank quote: "That's golfing your nugget!"

Favorite Pro golfer: Mike Weir

My number one aspiration in life is: To be happy

Favorite springtime activity besides golf: I love playing basketball outside on the asphalt and going rock climbing

Hero growing up: Brother Steve...He was a big part of my life growing up

If I could be on a Reality TV show, it would be: The Amazing Race. Ron (Harvey) and I want to go on the show.

Favorite music group/artist: K'os (canadian hip-hop group)

Favorite golf movie: Tin Cup

I get ready for a tournament by: Cleaning my clubs and ironing my clothes before going to bed and getting a good night's sleep.

My greatest accomplishment in life is: Being out on my own, away from home, and winning this year in Fresno (1st-individual) and San Diego (1st-team).

I chose to play golf because: It's a lot of fun.

Conservative or Risk-taker: Risk-taker

If I could hit any club brand, it would be: PING

When I have spare time, I: Play basketball, watch sports on TV, play computer games or just hang out with my friends.

Ideal vacation spot: Hawaii

Nickname: Match or Dr. Short-game

Best opponent I've faced: Ryan Moore -- UNLV

Biggest supporter: My parents, my brother and everyone on the team

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