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Tee time: Nick Becker

Nick Becker studies the green prior to putting (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Greatest BYU golf memory: Winning the MWC Championship in 2005

Favorite BYU professor: Gary Palmer

Favorite BYU class: Sharing the Gospel

Favorite Coach Brockbank quote: "Becker, jump out and see if there's a line."

Favorite Pro Golfer: David Duval

My number one aspiration in life is: Be an honorable husband and father

Favorite springtime activity besides golf: Watching the Masters

Hero growing up: Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Dad

If I could be on a Reality TV show, it would be: Don't know

Favorite music group/artist: Disturbed

Favorite sports movie: Rudy

I get ready for a tournament by: Shaving my legs

My greatest accomplishment in life is: Serving a mission and baptizing my father

I chose to play golf because: I enjoy it

Conservative or Risk-taker: In life, a little bit of both; in golf, definitely a risk-taker

If I could hit any club it would be: Putter

When I have spare time, I: Watch ESPN or movies

Favorite vacation spot: Italy

Nickname: "The Great Bori," Boris, and Belker

Best opponent you've faced: Ryan Moore

Biggest supporter: Parents

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