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Tee Time: Oscar Alvarez

Greatest BYU golf memory: When I won in San Diego earlier this year and when the team won in Austin, TX last year.

Favorite BYU professor: Paul Warner - Religion

Favorite BYU class: Communications 101

Favorite Coach Brockbank quote: "Just keep hanging in there"

Favorite Pro Golfer: Tiger Woods

My number one aspiration in life is: To get to the PGA Tour

Favorite springtime activity besides golf: Playing soccer

Hero growing up: My Dad...he's not a great golfer, but he was the best father to me

If I could be on a Reality TV show, it would be: The Real World

Favorite music group/artist: Juanes (Colombian soft rock)

Favorite movie: Training Day and Man on Fire

Favorite golf movie: Caddy Shack

I get ready for a tournament by: Always setting my clothes out the night before and washing the grips on my clubs

My greatest accomplishment in life is: Being able to study and play golf at BYU

I chose to play golf because: My parents got me into it

Conservative or Risk-taker: Risk-taker

If I could hit any club it would be: Titleist

When I have spare time, I: Hang out with my friends and listen to music

Favorite vacation spot: Medellin, Colombia...I go home every six months and I love being home

Nickname: El Mono because of my blond hair

Best opponent you've faced: All the professionals at the US Open

Biggest supporter: First: my parents, Second: coach, Third: my teammates

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