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Tee Time: Todd Miller

Greatest BYU golf memory: Billy Harvey draining a 12-foot putt to win a playoff against UNLV at a tournament in Austin, TX during my sophomore year.

Favorite BYU professor: Dr. Gary Palmer -- Recreational Management

Best BYU class: Pearl of Great Price

Favorite Pro Golfer: Besides my Dad, Sergio Garcia

My number one aspiration in life is: To raise a family with my wife in this life and feel like we were successful in raising our family in the next life.

Favorite springtime activity besides golf: Fly-fishing

Hero growing up: Brother Andy. He's always been solid in everything he does. He has his own way of doing things and no one could change that.

If I could be on a Reality TV show, it would be: American Idol

Favorite music group/artist: Garth Brooks

Favorite movie: Dances With Wolves

I get ready for a tournament by: Shining my shoes

My greatest accomplishment in life is: Being sealed to my wife Shannon

I chose to play golf because: I felt like I could pursue golf long term

Conservative or Risk-taker: Risk-taker

If I could hit any club, it would be: Slazenger

When I have spare time, I: Duck hunt

Favorite vacation spot: The Bahamas

Nickname: Don't have one

Best opponent I have faced: Jack Nicklaus, twice at the Champions Challenge

Biggest supporter: My wife and all the guys on the team, including coach. They all want to see me do my best and succeed.

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