BYU Battles Boise on the Boards

Freshman Sam Hatch finished first on the 3-meter board at Friday's competition of the BYU Diving Invitational. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

PROVO -- The dive team opened the BYU Diving Invitational against Boise State Friday with the Cougars dominating the competition on both boards.

“It was a good morning of diving,” said BYU diving coach Keith Russell. “I was hoping for someone to shine for us, and Syrena did just that.”

Freshman Syrena Miskin, a product of Mountain View High School in Mesa, Ariz. finished second on both the 1-meter and 3-meter boards behind junior Ava Jackman. Miskin scored a total of 283.425 points on the 3-meter board while she scored 237.825 on the 1-meter.

“Syrena really came through for us today,” said Russell. “We expect Ava to do a good job, but Syrena really shined on the boards today.”

Jackman finished first on both the 3-meter and 1-meter boards scoring 284.175 and 269.7, respectively.

With only three female divers from Boise State, the men didn’t have any outside competition. Sophomore Ron Morris placed first on the 1-meter board with a score of 311.10 while freshman Sam Hatch finished first on the 3-meter board with a point total of 330.225.

Other competitors for the men were Scott Thalman on both boards, and David Corless on the 1-meter.

Brittany Jones finished on top for Boise State on the 3-meter, placing third (257.323). Erin Loinberger of Boise State finished third on the 1-meter board with a score of 323.40.

BYU and Boise State will battle again tomorrow at 10 a.m. in the Richards Building pool, adding the platform competition to both the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards.



Diver School Score

1. Ron Morris BYU 311.10

2. Scott Thalman BYU 287.475

3. Sam Hatch BYU 255.675

4. David Corless BYU 246.30


Diver School Score

1. Ava Jackman BYU 284.175

2. Syrena Miskin BYU 283.425

3. Brittany Jones Boise State 257.323

4. Emily Woods BYU 248.625

5. Erin Loinberger Boise State 243.075

6. Tricia Bowen BYU 189.60

7. Holly Malmrose BYU 181.05

8. Tana Loan Boise State 175.00


Diver School Score

1. Sam Hatch BYU 330.225

2. Ron Morris BYU 328.20

3. Scott Thalman BYU 179.65


Diver School Score

1. Ava Jackman BYU 269.70

2. Syrena Miskin BYU 237.825

3. Erin Loinberger Boise State 232.40

4. Emily Woods BYU 227.70

5. Tricia Bowen BYU 217.575

6. Brittany Jones Boise State 213.575

7. Tana Loan Boise State 209.70

8. Holly Malmrose BYU 194.70

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