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Three Cougars Place First

Senior Ron Morris won the 1-meter event at Saturday's BYU Diving Invitational. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

PROVO -- The annual BYU diving invitational found both the BYU male and female divers winning three out of the four events Saturday against the University of Utah.

“It was an overall good performance,” said BYU diving coach Keith Russell. “There were some really good dives today and always some things we can work on.”

For the men’s 1-meter championship, BYU senior Ron Morris placed first with a total of 310.28 points. Freshman Nic Suder came in second with 300.60 points while sophomore Travis Day finished third with a score of 283.95.

Finishing out the places in the men’s 1-meter event was sophomore Sam Hatch in fourth (283.73), Utah’s Michael Glasson in fifth (256.73), Scott Thalman in sixth (240.00), Utah’s Brandon Stoppelmoor in seventh (239.25) and Utah’s Chris Eckerson in eighth with 234.00 points.

The women started off the invitational on the 3-meter board, senior Tawni Jones winning the event with a total of 289.58 points. Ellis Walters of Utah came in second with 282.53 points while Emily Woods (275.25) and Syrena Miskin (266.70) finished out the places in third and fourth, respectively.

In round two, Suder won the 3-meter event with a score of 308.03 with Utah’s Stoppelmoor in second with 295.80 points. Day finished third for the Cougars (295.20), Morris finished fourth (285.30), Hatch in fifth (255.45), Thalman in sixth (239.33) Glasson in seventh (229.50 and Eckerson in eighth (190.65).

Utah’s Walters finished first for the women’s 1-meter championship with a score of 288.90. Jones was right behind her with 285.30 points while Woods finished third (249.30) and Miskin finished fourth (222.53).

The swimmers and the divers will be back in the water on January 2, 2010 when they travel to UC San Diego for a non-conference dual meet.

Men's 3-meter

1. Nicholas Suder (BYU) 308.03

2. Brandon Stoppelmoor (Utah) 295.80

3. Travis Day (BYU) 295.20

4. Ronald Morris (BYU) 285.30

5. Samuel Hatch (BYU) 255.45

6. Scott Thalman (BYU) 239.33

7. Michael Glasson (Utah) 229.50

8. Chris Eckerson (Utah) 190.65

Women's 1-meter

1. Ellis Walters (Utah) 288.90

2. Tawni Jones (BYU) 285.30

3. Emily Woods (BYU) 249.30

4. Syrena Miskin (BYU) 222.53

Women's 3-meter

1. Tawni Jones (BYU) 289.58

2. Ellis Walters (Utah) 282.53

3. Emily Woods (BYU) 275.25

4. Syrena Miskin (BYU) 266.70

Men's 1-meter

1. Ronald Morris (BYU) 310.28

2. Nicholas Suder (BYU) 300.60

3. Travis Day (BYU) 283.95

4. Samuel Hatch (BYU) 283.73

5. Michael Glasson (Utah) 256.73

6. Scott Thalman (BYU) 240.00

7. Brandon Stoppelmoor (Utah) 239.25

8. Chris Eckerson (Utah) 234.00

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