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BYU Men's Tennis Final Individual Rankings

Year Name/Doubles Team National Ranking
2012-13 Patrick Kawka 39th
  Patrick Kawka/Francis Sargeant 66th
2011-12 Spencer Smith 104th
  Georgy Batrakov 66th
  Georgy Batrakov/Patrick Kawka 79th
2010-11 Patrick Kawka 112th
2006-07 James Ludlow 68th
2003-04 Erik Nyman 52nd
2002-03 Carlos Lozano/Erik Nyman 48th
2001-02 Carlos Lozano/Gert Vilms 14th
2000-01 Carlos Lozano/Gert Vilms 22nd
1999-00 Damien Ward/Gert Vilms 19th
1998-99 Manuel Calvo 71st
  Manuel Calvo/Damien Ward


1996-97 Boris Bosnjakovic 58th
  Boris Bosjnakovic/Manuel Calvo 32nd
1992-93 Mark Quinney 38th
1991-92 Mark Quinney 86th
1988-89 David Harkness 22nd
  David Harkness/Johnny Mattice 10th
1987-88 David Harkness 56th
1984-85 Rob Fought 44th
1983-84 David Harkness 68th
  David Harkness/Steele 7th