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Getting to Know Daniel Hwang

Junior Daniel Hwang

Nickname: D

Favorite cold cereal: Rice Krispies

Before a game, I: Prepare and play FIFA

What would you like to do sometime in your life? Travel and watch every Grand Slam live

One place you would like to visit: Tokyo, Japan

Who has had the greatest influence on your athletic career? My parents

What is your favorite part of being at BYU outside of your sport? The other sports

What do you want to be doing 20 years from now? Taking care of a great family

What is your favorite hobby or activity away from your sport? Hanging out with close friends

My advice to youngsters: Listen to your parents

How old were you when you first started playing tennis? 5

What has been the highlight of your athletic career? BYU Tennis

Who is the first person you call after a match? My parents

What phrases or words do you use way too much? "Bro", "You know what I'm saying?" and "That's the call!"

What was your favorite toy as a child? Ninja Turtles

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