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Men's tennis will open season with tournament at home

The BYU men's tennis team will host five other schools, Utah State, Utah, Boise State, Montana and Weber State in a tournament at BYU tennis courts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The tournament will be the first of the new tennis season for the Cougars and includes two singles tournaments and a doubles tournament.

In singles, BYU's Gert Vilmes is the No. 1 seed and Carlos Lozano is No. 4. Vilmes will play his first match on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. against the winner of Jonah Nelson, from Utah State, and Pat Wallebring, from Utah. Lozano also palys on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. against the winner of Dan Baird, from Utah State, and Mark Edney, from Boise State.

Anton Rudjik, Jeff Olsen, Michael Gysens, Matt Stohl and Mike Sperry will also play in the tournament for BYU.

In doubles Lozano/Vilmes are seeded No. 1 and will play O'Neill/Goldstein from Montana. Rudjuk/Gysens will play Sokolic/Keys, also from Montana. Stohl/Sperry are also playing doubles and will be in action against Rowse/Salvato from Weber State. All first round doubles matches are on Thursday at 4 p.m.

Seeded Players           

1. Gert Vilmes - BYU

2. David Mercier UU

3. Guillaume Bouvier BSU

4. Carlos Lozano BYU

Alphabetical 5-8

5. Daniel Carlsson UU

6. Rio Kuharski BSU

7. Mark Roberts BSU

8. Corrie Scheepers UU

Men's Singles

(Thurs. Noon) #1

Jonah Nelson -USU-------

Pat Wallebring --Utah----

Gert Vilmes-BYU (Th.2:30)--

Winner of #1 ____________________

(Fri.10) _________________

Mahmoud Rezk-BSU(Th.1:00)- (Fri.1:30)

Eric Metzger-Mont. ____________________


Corrie Scheepers-Utah (Th.1:00) (Sat.10)

Tim Burrell-USU ____________________


Eric Goldstein-Mont.(Th.2:30) (Fri.1:30)

Tad Hinze (default) ____________________



Tadd Hinze - USU(Th.Noon)

Kenny Lindley-WSU



Guillaume Bouvier-BSU (Thurs 1:00)

Winner #3 ___________________

(Fr. 10)


Randy Coahran-WSU

Peter Smart-Mont.


Anton Rudjuk-BYU(Thurs 1:00) (Fri.1:30)

Clayton Thomas-USU ___________________

(Fr. 10)

Daniel Carlsson-U of U (Thurs 1:00) ________________

Brett Keys-Montana ___________________ (Sat.10)

(Fr. 10) ___________________

Tim Rowse-WSU(Thurs 2:30) (Fr. 1:30)

Winner #4 ___________________

#4 (Fr. 10)

Ben Searle--USU(Thurs. Noon)

Jonny Biorkman-BSU

Men's Singles


Kevin Zenger-UU (Th. noon)

Mike Sperry-BYU

Winner #5 (Th.1:00)--

Andy Madersbacher-USU ____________________

(Fri.10) _________________

Jeff Olsen-UU(Th.1:00)- (Fri.1:30)

Mark Roberts-BSU ____________________

(Fri. 10)


Philip Ivanov-WSU(Th.1:00) (Sat.10)

Tonislav Sokolic-Mont.____________________


Carlos Lozano-BYU(Th.2:30) (Fri.1:30)

Winner #6 ____________________



Dan Baird-USU(Th.Noon)

Mark Edney-BSU




Jonah Sanford-Mont.(Th noon)

Michael Gysens-BYU

Winner #7(Thurs 2:30)

Daniel Salvato-WSU ___________________

(Fr. 10)


Nik Yip-UU (Th. Noon)

Qualifier #2


Winner #8(Thurs 2:30) (Fri.1:30)

Rio Kuharski-BSU ___________________

(Fri. 10)


Matt Stohl-BYU (Th. noon)

Kaisorn Chiachana-UU _______________


Winner #9(Thurs 2:30)

Winner #10 ___________________

(Fri. 10)


Qualifier #1

Marcus Bernston-BSU


Ryan Burbidge-USU (Th.noon)

Ryan O'Neill-Mont ___________________

(Fr. 1:30)

Winner #11(Thurs 2:30)

David Mercier-UU ___________________

(Fr. 10)

Men's Doubles

Lozano/Vilmes-BYU (Th.4:00)


(Thurs.5) _________________

Madersbacher/Thomas-USU(Th.4:00) (Fri.3:30)

Bernston/Biorkman-BSU ____________________



Rezk/Roberts-BSU (Th.4:00) (Sat.3)

Ivanov/Lindley-WSU ____________________

(Thurs.5) __________________

Scheepers/Mercier-UU (Th.4:00) (Fri.3:30)

Sanford/Metzger-Mont ____________________




Sokolic/Keys-Mont (Th.4:00)

Rudjuk/Gysens-BYU ____________________

(Thurs.5) _________________

Burrell/Thomas-USU (Th.4:00) (Fri.3:30)

Zenger/Yip-UU ____________________



Rowse/Salvato-WSU (Th.4:00) (Sat.3)

Stohl/Sperry-BYU ____________________

(Thurs.5) __________________

Carlsson/Wallebring-UU(Th.4:00) (Fri.3:30)

Bouvier/Kuharski-BSU ____________________