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Cougars Lead MWC Meet After Day Two

LAS -- After a first-, third- and fifth-place finish in the men's decathlon and a third- and fourth-place finish in the women's heptathlon, both the BYU men's and women's track teams lead the team competition at the 2004 Mountain West Conference Track & Field Championships in Las Vegas.

BYU senior Curtis Pugsley posted two first-place marks and added two second-place performances on Thursday to record his highest point total in four years and capture his first MWC decathlon title. Pugsley led the field with 7,462 points, marking the second highest point total in MWC history.

"I don't really feel like I had that good of a meet," Pugsley said. "Scoring over 7,400 points, feeling like I could have done better, gives me a lot of confidence heading to nationals."

Pugsley began the day in second place, but closed in on teammate Devin Scoresby after winning the 110-meter hurdles in a time of 15.09. Pugsley finished second in the discus with a mark of 125-09 and took the lead after the eighth even, tying New Mexico's Mark Johnson in the pole vault with a clearance of 15-09. Pugsley held his lead after the javelin with a toss of 181-11 and finished the competition with a time of 4:51.32 in the 1,500 meters. Johnson finished second with 7,325, while Scoresby held on to finish third with a lifetime best 7,244 points.

Puglsey and Scoresby were joined by their teammate Devin Howe in the top five (fifth at 6,817 points), to give BYU a team lead of 20 points after the decathlon. New Mexico is in second place with 13 points, while Air Force is third (four points) and Wyoming fourth (one point). Colorado State and Utah competed but did not score in the event.

"I couldn't be more pleased," BYU head men's coach Mark Robison said. "These guys had a great day. Curtis had a great meet. That was his best score in over four years. And Devin [Scoresby] had a lifetime best. Devin [Howe] would have had a lifetime best, but we held him up a little in the 1,500 because we need to keep him fresh for some more events this weekend."

In the women's competition, San Diego State's Janine Polischuk claimed the heptathlon title in the closest margin in conference history. Polischuk, a freshman, entered the day in fourth place after four events, behind first-day leader Christine Spence of UNLV. BYU senior Anna-Lee Walcott, the defending champion, knocked Spence out of first place after the sixth event by winning the javelin with a throw of 124-00. Spence fell to third, with Polischuk moving into second with a throw of 116-03.

In the final event of the heptathlon, Spence jumped out to a large lead in the 800-meter dash, before falling to third as the race entered the final turn. With a final burst of speed in the last 40 yards, Spence came back to win the race with a time of 2:15.94 over Colorado State's Tanya Cure and Polischuk of San Diego State. Polischuk, who finished third in the 800 with time of 2:16.35, was well ahead of Walcott's time of 2:26.58, which gave her the 2004 MWC heptathlon title.

Polischuk finished with a career-best 5,210 points, just 16 points ahead of Spence (5,194), a junior who competed in the event for the first time in her career. Walcott finished in third with 5,130 points.

"That was the first time Anna-Lee has completed a heptathlon in about two years," BYU women's coach Craig Poole said. "She came up just a little short. With being injured this season, she hasn't been able to compete in the long jump. Now that she's healthy, her approach was a little off and we just weren't able to get that corrected. It cost her in the long jump, otherwise she would have won the competition. But, overall I'm very pleased with their effort today. They did a nice job."

BYU's Liis Serendsen placed fourth with 5,074 points, and the three-four finish gave the Cougars the early team lead with 11 points. San Diego State is one point back with 10 points, while host UNLV is third with eight points. Also on the scoreboard is Colorado State in fourth (seven points), Wyoming in fifth (two points), and New Mexico in sixth (one point). Air Force and Utah competed but did not score in the event.

The meet continues Friday at UNLV's Myron Partridge Stadium/Sheila Tarr Smith Field with preliminary and finals in both field and running events, with the championships to conclude on Saturday.

MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE - 5/12/2004 to 5/15/2004

Outdoor Track & Field Championships

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Decathlon: #6 Men 110 Meter Hurdles Decathlon

1, Curtis Pugsley, BYU, 15.09, w:1.1. 2, Mark Johnson, New Mexico, 15.17,

w:1.1. 3, Devin Scoresby, BYU, 15.37, w:1.1. 4, Dan Feltman, New Mexico,

15.55, w:1.6. 5, Devin Howe, BYU, 15.64, w:1.6. 6, Kevin Johnson, Colorado

St., 15.74, w:1.6. 7, Bret Zowada, Wyoming, 16.26, w:1.1. 8, Caleb Pelger, Air

Force, 16.65, w:1.6. 9, Brian Walsh, Air Force, 16.79, w:1.1. 10, Mike Plum,

Utah, 17.50, w:1.1.

Decathlon: #7 Men Discus Throw Decathlon

1, Devin Scoresby, BYU, 38.74m, (127-01). 2, Curtis Pugsley, BYU, 38.34m,

(125-09). 3, Devin Howe, BYU, 38.03m, (124-09). 4, Mark Johnson, New Mexico,

36.72m, (120-06). 5, Dan Feltman, New Mexico, 36.01m, (118-02).

Decathlon: #8 Men Pole Vault Decathlon

1, Curtis Pugsley, BYU, 4.80m, (15-09). 1, Mark Johnson, New Mexico, 4.80m,

(15-09). 3, Devin Scoresby, BYU, 4.20m, (13-09.25). 4, Dan Feltman, New

Mexico, 4.10m, (13-05.25). 5, Caleb Pelger, Air Force, 4.00m, (13-01.50). 6,

Mike Plum, Utah, 3.90m, (12-09.50). 7, Devin Howe, BYU, 3.80m, (12-05.50). 8,

Brian Walsh, Air Force, 3.70m, (12-01.50). 8, Bret Zowada, Wyoming, 3.70m,

(12-01.50). --, Kevin Johnson, Colorado St., NH.

Decathlon: #9 Men Javelin Throw Decathlon

1, Dan Feltman, New Mexico, 56.78m, (186-03). 2, Curtis Pugsley, BYU, 55.44m,

(181-11). 3, Devin Howe, BYU, 52.92m, (173-07). 4, Bret Zowada, Wyoming,

47.59m, (156-02). 5, Devin Scoresby, BYU, 45.92m, (150-08). 6, Caleb Pelger,

Air Force, 44.65m, (146-06). 7, Mike Plum, Utah, 43.87m, (143-11). 8, Mark

Johnson, New Mexico, 42.72m, (140-02). 9, Brian Walsh, Air Force, 42.60m,

(139-09). 10, Kevin Johnson, Colorado St., 38.88m, (127-07).

Decathlon: #10 Men 1500 Meter Run Decathlon

1, Brian Walsh, Air Force, 4:35.35. 2, Mark Johnson, New Mexico, 4:35.40. 3,

Devin Scoresby, BYU, 4:37.11. 4, Caleb Pelger, Air Force, 4:45.02. 5, Devin

Howe, BYU, 4:50.89. 6, Curtis Pugsley, BYU, 4:51.32. 7, Dan Feltman, New

Mexico, 4:52.44. 8, Bret Zowada, Wyoming, 4:59.34. 9, Mike Plum, Utah,

5:08.55. 10, Kevin Johnson, Colorado St., 5:10.78.

MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE - 5/12/2004 to 5/15/2004

Outdoor Track & Field Championships

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Heptathlon: #5 Women Long Jump Heptathlon

1, Janine Polischuk, SDSU, 5.69m, w:4.1 (18-08). 2, Liis Berendsen, BYU,

5.55m, w:2.9 (18-02.50). 3, Tonya Cure, Colorado St., 5.50m, w:2.0 (18-00.50).

4, Bridgid Isworth, New Mexico, 5.40m, w:2.4 (17-08.75). 4, Katie Lloyd,

Colorado St., 5.40m, w:2.0 (17-08.75). 6, Christine Spence, UNLV, 5.37m, w:1.7

(17-07.50). 7, Steffanie Setliff, New Mexico, 5.25m, w:2.3 (17-02.75). 8,

Anna-Lee Walcott, BYU, 5.22m, w:1.5 (17-01.50). 9, Suzanne Nguyen, New Mexico,

5.14m, w:1.1 (16-10.50). 9, Ingvild Carstens, Wyoming, 5.14m, w:2.4

(16-10.50). 11, Leah Burke, Wyoming, 4.99m, w:1.3 (16-04.50). 12, Trisha

Wagner, Utah, 4.95m, w:1.5 (16-03). 13, Nicole Carmier, SDSU, 4.93m, w:2.7

(16-02.25). 14, Jamillah Titus, SDSU, 4.78m, w:3.6 (15-08.25). 15, Dierra

Poland, Air Force, 4.65m, w:2.7 (15-03.25). 15, Liddy Steele, Utah, 4.65m,

w:1.5 (15-03.25). 15, Teri Trautwein, UNLV, 4.65m, w:1.9 (15-03.25). --,

Cristina Gourdin, Colorado St., DNF, w:NWI.

Heptathlon: #6 Women Javelin Throw Heptathlon

1, Anna-Lee Walcott, BYU, 37.81m, (124-00). 2, Liddy Steele, Utah, 36.41m,

(119-05). 3, Katie Lloyd, Colorado St., 36.22m, (118-10). 4, Janine Polischuk,

SDSU, 35.43m, (116-03). 5, Ingvild Carstens, Wyoming, 35.20m, (115-06). 6,

Liis Berendsen, BYU, 33.27m, (109-02). 7, Teri Trautwein, UNLV, 32.25m,

(105-10). 8, Steffanie Setliff, New Mexico, 30.22m, (99-02). 9, Leah Burke,

Wyoming, 26.28m, (86-03). 10, Tonya Cure, Colorado St., 25.14m, (82-06). 11,

Jamillah Titus, SDSU, 23.18m, (76-00). 12, Christine Spence, UNLV, 22.82m,

(74-10). 13, Bridgid Isworth, New Mexico, 22.50m, (73-10). 14, Trisha Wagner,

Utah, 21.20m, (69-07). 15, Suzanne Nguyen, New Mexico, 20.25m, (66-05). 16,

Dierra Poland, Air Force, 19.66m, (64-06). 17, Nicole Carmier, SDSU, 15.95m,

(52-04). 18, Cristina Gourdin, Colorado St., 15.21m, (49-11).

Heptathlon: #7 Women 800 Meter Run Heptathlon

1, Christine Spence, UNLV, 2:15.94. 2, Tonya Cure, Colorado St., 2:16.05. 3,

Janine Polischuk, SDSU, 2:16.35. 4, Jamillah Titus, SDSU, 2:16.91. 5, Nicole

Carmier, SDSU, 2:23.10. 6, Liis Berendsen, BYU, 2:23.56. 7, Ingvild Carstens,

Wyoming, 2:25.43. 8, Anna-Lee Walcott, BYU, 2:26.58. 9, Katie Lloyd, Colorado

St., 2:27.69. 10, Trisha Wagner, Utah, 2:27.86. 11, Teri Trautwein, UNLV,

2:30.62. 12, Steffanie Setliff, New Mexico, 2:30.88. 13, Leah Burke, Wyoming,

2:32.24. 14, Dierra Poland, Air Force, 2:38.16. 15, Bridgid Isworth, New

Mexico, 2:45.94. 16, Liddy Steele, Utah, 2:56.62. --, Cristina Gourdin,

Colorado St., DNF.