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Armory Collegiate Invitational

Armory Collegiate Invitational

Date & Time

Fri Feb 01, 2013 @ 8:00 AM - Sat Feb 02 @ 4:00 PM MST


Armory Track and Field Center
216 Fort Washington Avenue
New York, NY 10032

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Event Details



9:30 am Women’s 3k Eastern
10:05 am Men’s 3k Eastern
10:15 am Women’s 60m hurdles College heats
10:40 am Men’s 60m hurdles College heats
10:55 am Women’s 60m College heats
11:25 am Men’s 60m College heats
11:50 am Women’s 400m College heats
12:35 pm Men’s 400m College heats
1:10 pm Women’s 200m College heats
1:53 pm Men’s 200m College heats
2:23 pm Women’s 500m College
2:38 pm Men’s 500m College
2:52 pm Women’s 1000m Championship
3:09 pm Men’s 1000m Championship
3:43 pm Women’s 5k Championship
4:00 pm Women’s 400m Championship heats
4:18 pm Men’s 400m Championship heats
4:34 pm Men’s 60m hurdles College final
4:37 pm Men’s 60m hurdles Championship heats
4:58 pm Women’s 60m hurdles College final
5:01 pm Women’s 60m hurdles Championship heats
5:22 pm Men’s 60m College final
5:25 pm Men’s 60m Championship heats
5:40 pm Women’s 60m College final
5:43 pm Women’s 60m Championship heats
6:00 pm Girls’ 1000m Juniors
6:05 pm Men’s DMR Championship
6:17 pm Women’s 500m Championship
6:27 pm Women’s 60m hurdles Championship final
6:34 pm Boys’ 4x400m High School
6:41 pm Women’s 200m College final
6:45 pm Men’s 200m College final
6:49 pm Women’s DMR Championship
7:01 pm Men’s 60m hurdles Championship final
7:08 pm Men’s 1,000m Open
7:12 pm Women’s 400m College final
7:16 pm Men’s 400m College final
7:20 pm Women’s 1500m Open
7:26 pm Men’s 500m Championship
7:36 pm Women’s 60m Championship final
7:43 pm Boys’ 1000m Junior
7:48 pm Men’s 5k Championship
8:03 pm Men’s 60m Championship final
8:10 pm Girls’ 4x400m High School
8:16 pm Women’s DMR College
8:28 pm Men’s DMR College
9:30 am Women’s Shot Put Championship
9:35 am Women’s Long Jump College
9:40 am Men’s Long Jump College
10:00 am Women’s Pole Vault College
12:45 pm Women’s High Jump College
12:50 pm Men’s High Jump College
2:15 pm Men’s Shot Put Championship
4:00 pm Women’s Long Jump Championship
4:05 pm Men’s Long Jump Championship
5:00 pm Women’s Pole Vault Championship
5:15 pm Boys' Junior Weight Throw


8:30 am Women’s 5k College
9:07 am Men’s 5k College
9:24 am Women’s 3k College
9:46 am Men’s 3k College
10:06 am Women’s Mile College
10:36 am Men’s Mile College
11:00 am Women’s 200m Championship heats
11:30 am Women’s 800m College
11:55 am Men’s 200m Championship heats
12:20 pm Men’s 800m College
1:00 pm Women’s 4x400m College
1:32 pm Men’s 4x400m College
1:52 pm Men’s 3k Championship
2:03 pm Women’s 4x200m Championship
2:18 pm Men’s 4x200m Championship
2:30 pm Girls’ 4x800m High School
2:42 pm Women’s 200m Championship final
2:52 pm Women’s 3k Championship
3:05 pm Men’s 200m Championship final
3:15 pm Boys’ 4x800m High School
3:26 pm Boys’ 600m Junior
3:31 pm Women’s 800m Championship
3:36 pm Girls’ 600m Junior
3:41 pm Men’s 800m Championship
3:46 pm Women’s 4x400m Pennsylvania
3:52 pm Men’s 4x400m Pennsylvania
3:58 pm Women’s 4x400m New York
4:04 pm Men’s 4x400m New York
4:20 pm Women’s 400m Championship final
4:28 pm Girls’ 300m Junior
4:32 pm Men’s 400m Championship final
4:40 pm Women’s 800m Open
4:44 pm Women’s 4x800m Championship
4:56 pm Men’s Mile Open
5:02 pm Men’s 4x800m Championship
5:12 pm Girls’ 4x200m High School
5:16 pm Women’s Mile Championship
5:23 pm Boys’ 4x200m High School
5:27 pm Men’s Mile Championship
5:33 pm Women’s 4x400m Championship
5:43 pm Men’s 4x400m Championship
8:35 am Women’s High Jump Eastern
8:40 am Men’s High Jump Eastern
8:45 am Women’s Weight Throw Championship
8:45 am Men’s Pole Vault College
8:50 am Women’s Triple Jump College
8:55 am Men’s Triple Jump College
1:15 pm Women’s High Jump Championship
1:35 pm Women’s Triple Jump Championship
1:45 pm Men’s Weight Throw Championship
2:30 pm Men’s Triple Jump Championship
2:35 pm Men’s Pole Vault Championship
3:15 pm Men’s High Jump Championship

Event Stories

Graham takes third at Armory Collegiate Invitational (Feb 2, 2013)
NEW YORK -- The No. 19 BYU men's track and field team wrapped up their trip to New York with nine top-10 finishes during the final day of the Armory Collegiate Invitational. "I thought we did very well...
Cougars to face top competition at Armory Collegiate Invitational (Jan 30, 2013)
PROVO, Utah -- After a strong showing by the distance runners at last week’s University of Washington Invitational, the No. 19 BYU men’s track and field team heads to New York this week for the Armory...