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Track & FIeld Instates New Track Athlete of the Year Award

Head coaches Mark Robison and Patrick Shane with the recipients of the Curtis Pugsley Track Athlete of the Year award. (Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

PROVO, Utah--Miles Batty, Leif Arrhenius and Lacey Cramer Bleazard were named the 2011 Track Athletes of the Year last Friday night, as the BYU Track and Field teams held a ceremony to honor the recipients of the newly instated Curtis Pugsley Track Athlete of the Year award. 

Along with the 2011 recipients, the award winners were also determined for the last 21 years and they were honored at the ceremony, as well.

“It’s been a long process that we’ve spent nine months trying to put together,” men’s head track coach Mark Robison said.  “ It’s been a long process and a lot of work, but a wonderful thing and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.”

An outstanding legecy of track and field athletes, dating back to 1991, gathered in the West Annex of the Smith Fieldhouse to watch a video presentation about the athletes who were honored, and Curtis Pugsley was also in attendance and helped inaugurate the award.

“I want this award to represent all of us,” Pugsley said. “And as we go through life and we have to face a lot of struggles and trials and problems, it’s about using that same drive that we had in competition to get through life and help those around us.”

Pugsley participated in track and field at BYU from 2000-2004 and was a multiple All-American and conference champion in the decathlon.  

The yearly recipient is determined by a scoring system that combines points scored at indoor and outdoor conference, points awarded for All-American and national champion status, school records and spot on the top ten leader board.  

“It was a wonderful idea and it really brought together a lot of people that understood what the tradition here at BYU is in track and field,” women’s head track coach Patrick Shane said. “It’s a great tradition that we’ve started and I’m looking forward to keeping it alive every year with a new presentation.”

Below is a list of all others who received the award that night and the years for which they won.


Curtis Pugsley Track Athlete of the Year Recipients
Year Men's Women's
1991 Frank Fredericks Anna Mosdell
1992 Jason Pyrah Shu-Hwa Wang
    Anu Kaljurand
1993 Oluyemi Kayode Anu Kaljurand
1994 Mark Johansen Tonya Todd
1995 Mark Johansen Tiffany Lott
1996 Craig Lawson Amy Christiansen
1997 Adam Callahan Tiffany Lott
1998 Leonard Myles-Mills Amy Christiansen Palmer
1999 Leonard Myles-Mills Sharolyn Shields
2000 Jim Roberts Kirsten Bolm
2001 Kenneth Andam Elizabeth Jackson
  Jim Roberts  
2002 Jeff Hansen Michaela Mannova
2003 Trent Powell Kassi Andersen
2004 Nathan Robison Michaela Mannova
2005 Rodrigo Mendes Amy Menlove
  Robison Pratt  
2006 Josh McAdams Amy Fowler
  Robison Pratt  
2007 Niklas Arrhenius Whitney McDonald
2008 Kyle Perry Angela Wagner
2009 Kyle Perry Amy Menlove
2010 Leif Arrhenius Mindy Neely McClurkin
2011 Leif Arrhenius Lacey Cramer Bleazard
  Miles Batty