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Fox News Spends The Day With Men's Volleyball

(Photo by Mark A. Philbrick)

PROVO, Utah - Last week, the local Fox 13 crew joined the BYU men's volleyball team on the court in Big Budah's "A Day In The Life" segment where he featured two different volleyball players and two of the coaches. 

They spent the morning with the team as they practiced, got taped, had a cheer and everything else they did to find out what a volleyball player does in a typical day.

Check out the four segments below with head coach Chris McGown, assistant Rob Neilson, and seniors Robb Stowell and Quentin Smith.

Segment 1 with Chris McGown
Segment 2 with Robb Stowell
Segment 3 with Quentin Smith
Segment 4 with Rob Neilson