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A Place For Winners

A Place For Winners

BYU is home to three national titles and 47 AVCA All-America citations since the program began competing at the Division I level in 1990. Volleyball standouts have also received numerous accolades at the regional and national levels. In its 25 years, Cougar teams have recorded 21 winning seasons, five conference championships crowns and have made six NCAA tournament appearances.

National Championships

The Cougars are home to three National Championship teams in 2004, 2001 and 1999.

National & International Team Members

Dozens of BYU men's volleyball players continue their volleyball career after they leave campus by participating on the national and international levels.

Rob Browning
 - USA National Team Leader 2008 Olympics, Beijing, China 
Scott Bunker - USA National Team 2001-2004
Jesse Gant - USA Olympic Festival Team 1994, USA World, University Games Team 1996, USA Team 1998-1999
Brad Goldston - USA Olympic Festival Team 1994
Kevin Hambly - USA B Team 1993, 1994
Russell Holmes - USA National Team 2009-present; 2012 London Olympics
Rich Lambourne - USA National Team 2001-2013; 2008 Olympics, Beijing, China, London
Scott Larkin - USA Olympic Festival Team 1994
Hugh McCutcheon - USA National Team Head Coach 2008 Olympics, Beijing, China; USA National Women's Team Head Coach 2009-present
Carl McGown - USA National Team Consultant 
Ryan Millar - USA National Team 1999-2012; 2008 Olympics, Beijing, China; 2004 Olympics, Athens, Greece; 2000 Olympics, Sydney, Australia 
Chris Pitzak - USA Olympic Festival Team 1994
Taylor Sander - USA National Team 2014-present
Pat Sinclair - USA Team 1995, 1996 (Alternate), 1997, 1998
Futi Tavana - USA National Team 2013-present
Mike Wall - USA National Team Summer 2002; USA National Team assistant coach 2013-present
Ethan Watts - USA Team 1995, 1996 (Atlanta Olympics), 1997 
Mac Wilson - USA World University Team 1999; USA National Team 2001-2004

Joaquin Acosta - Puerto Rican National Team (1999-2000) 
Ossie Antonetti - Puerto Rican National Team (1999-2007)
Victor Batista - Dominican Republic (2007-present)
Enoc Cardona - Puerto Rican National Team (2001-2002)
Hector Lebron - Puerto Rican National Team (1999-2007)
Olivier Kneichek - Swiss National Team (1999)
Hugh McCutcheon - New Zealand National Team (1998-1990, 1995)
New Zealand Beach Volleyball (1997 (FIVB Tour))
Carlos Moreno - Brazillian Nation Team (2007)
Ivan Perez - Puerto Rico (current)
Joel Silva - Venezuela (current)
Hidde Van Beest - Australian National Team (1998-present)
Jason Watson - Australian National Team (1988-1990, 1995)