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NameSportHeightWeightPositionsort iconClassHometownLast SchoolRoster Years
Dan CostleyMen's Swimming & Diving6-1175Fly, Free, IM-Ogden, UT1980-1981
Nichol Anderson DowellWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4-Fly, Free, IM-Mesa, AZWestwood High School1990-1994
David KarlssonMen's Swimming & Diving6-5195Fly, Free, IM-Laholm1998-1999
Emily To'oWomen's Swimming & Diving5-5-Fly, Free, IMSeniorOakley, CAFreedom High School2014-2018
Deborah PaytonWomen's Swimming & Diving5-6-Fly, Free, IM-Chesterfield, MOSt. Joseph's Academy1992-1994
Elise LivengoodWomen's Swimming & Diving5-7-Fly, Free, IM-Atascadero, CAAtascadero High School2005-2009
Marnie KnoopWomen's Swimming & Diving5-8-Fly, Free, IM-Park City, UTSkyline High School2008-2012
Sarah McKeeverWomen's Swimming & Diving5-9-Fly, Free, IM-Webster NY - Webster HS, NYWebster High School1995-1999
Rick RamesonMen's Swimming & Diving5-9150Fly, Free, IM-Provo, UT1972-1975
Mark (Jung Jun) ChayMen's Swimming & Diving5-10175Fly, Free, IM-Singapore2003-2007
Brett FaveroMen's Swimming & Diving5-10155Fly, Free, IM-Sacramento, CA1978-1979 | 1980-1982
Scott FaveroMen's Swimming & Diving5-11150Fly, Free, IM-Sacramento, CA1970-1971 | 1973-1974
Corey KillpackMen's Swimming & Diving6-0170Fly, IM-Magna, UT1978-1979 | 1981-1984
Brandon HillMen's Swimming & Diving6-0150Fly, IM-Provo, UT1988-1989 | 1991-1992
Kristian JohanssonMen's Swimming & Diving6-0160Fly, IM-Espoo1988-1991 | 1992-1993
Gary Van BoxtelMen's Swimming & Diving6-0170Fly, IM-Mission Viejo, CA1988-1992
Diogo de Oliveira YabeMen's Swimming & Diving6-1176Fly, IM-ParanaGolden West College2001-2005
Calvin ClarkMen's Swimming & Diving6-1172Fly, IMFreshmanSpringville, UTSpringville High School2010-2011
Melissa BrennanWomen's Swimming & Diving5-3-Fly, IM-Aloha, OR2001-2002
Nina PachecoWomen's Swimming & Diving5-3-Fly, IM-Gold River, COFresno State1994-1995
Julie NelsonWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4-Fly, IM-Castro Valley, CACastro Valley High School2002-2006
Teri ShimodoiWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4-Fly, IM-Whittier, CA1986-1990
Marlo BisseggerWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4-Fly, IM-Riverside, UT1988-1990
Lillian MooreWomen's Swimming & Diving5-4-Fly, IMSeniorSalt Lake City, UTSkyline High School2014-2018
Jennifer MalfattWomen's Swimming & Diving5-5-Fly, IM-Stanley, KSBlue Valley High School1995-1997