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NumNameSportHeightsort iconWeightPositionClassHometownLast SchoolRoster Years
Rochelle SmithWomen's Swimming & Diving5-8-Fly, Sprint-Shell, WY1985-1988
Michael BuysMen's Swimming & Diving5-9155Free, Sprint-Smithfield, UTSky View High School1995-1996
Jan MortensonWomen's Swimming & Diving5-9-Free, Sprint-Provo, UT1985-1987
Joanne GoodsellWomen's Swimming & Diving5-9-Free, Sprint-Hyrum, UT1986-1988
K.C. Cline LemonWomen's Swimming & Diving5-9-Back, Free, Sprint-Tacoma, WA1987-1991
127Cortnee AdamsWomen's Swimming & Diving5-10-Free, Sprint-Appleton, WIAppleton North High School1999-2003
Charles EberlingMen's Swimming & Diving5-10170Breast, Free, Sprint-Tacoma, WA1984-1988
Karla RychtikWomen's Swimming & Diving5-10-Back, Free, Sprint-Cedarburg, WI1987-1988
Dana SmithWomen's Swimming & Diving5-10-Free, Sprint-Plano, TXPlano High School1992-1993
Angela BennionWomen's Swimming & Diving5-10-Sprint-Salt Lake City, UTSkyline High School2010-2014
Aaron LancasterMen's Swimming & Diving5-11165Fly, Sprint-Moore, OKMoore High School1995-1996
William BetzMen's Swimming & Diving6-0180Sprint-Logan, UTLogan High School1997-1998 | 2000-2003
Chris PatienceMen's Swimming & Diving6-0150Sprint-Mesa, AZMountain View High School2001-2002 | 2004-2007
Samantha CristWomen's Swimming & Diving6-0-Free, SprintSeniorAngleton, TXAngleton High School2007-2011
Daniel BatesMen's Swimming & Diving6-0175Back, Free, Sprint-Logan, UTLogan High School2008-2012
Greg CreverMen's Swimming & Diving6-0175Free, Sprint-Tempe, AZ1987-1988
Ben HarrisonMen's Swimming & Diving6-0155Free, Sprint-Provo, UTTimpview High School1988-1989 | 1992-1995
Ciera Marsh KellerWomen's Swimming & Diving6-0-Back, SprintSeniorSouth Jordan, UTKearns High School2011-2015
Jacob EliesonMen's Swimming & Diving6-0160Fly, SprintMissionSouthlake, TXSouthlake Carroll High School2013-2014
Levi JensenMen's Swimming & Diving6-0150SprintSophomoreCasper, WYKelly Walsh High School2014-2015 | 2017-2018
James BekkerMen's Swimming & Diving6-1185Back, Sprint-Salt Lake City, UTSkyline High School2000-2005
Todd WinesMen's Swimming & Diving6-1185Back, Free, Sprint-Santa Ana, CAFresno State1994-1997
Mike JacobsenMen's Swimming & Diving6-1160Free, Mid, Sprint-Arlington, TXMartin High School1995-1996
Daniel HofstedtMen's Swimming & Diving6-1175Fly, Free, SprintSeniorValencia, CAMission Viejo High School2009-2013
Jin Gee OonMen's Swimming & Diving6-1167Free, Sprint-Singapore1984-1987