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All-Time Roster

NameSportHeightWeightClassHometownsort iconLast SchoolRoster Seasons
BJ PetersonFTB6-3210-Salt Lake City, UTBrighton High School2007-2010
Dani PetersonWBKB6-1SeniorSalt Lake City, UTSkyline High School2008-2012
Paul PetersonFTB5-8196-Salt Lake City, UTOlympus High School1998-2001
Jesse PinegarMBKB6-9220-Salt Lake City, UTBrighton High School2000-2002
Mike PistoriusFTB6-2210-Salt Lake City, UT1971-1973
Rick PowellFTB6-1165-Salt Lake City, UT1972
Steve PriceFTB6-3225-Salt Lake City, UT1971-1973
Steve PriceFTB6-2195-Salt Lake City, UT1972
Korey RasmussenFTB6-1196-Salt Lake City, UT1980 | 1983-1986
Stacie ReberWVLB5-10-Salt Lake City, UTSkyline High School1996
Ralph ReeseFTB5-11180-Salt Lake City, UT1957
Merrilee ReeveWVLB5-10-Salt Lake City, UT1976-1977
Rex ReeveFTB6-1205-Salt Lake City, UT1957
Lance ReynoldsFTB6-2275-Salt Lake City, UT1973 | 1976-1977
Lance ReynoldsFTB6-2260-Salt Lake City, UT1973
Staci ReynoldsWSOC5-5-Salt Lake City, UTGranite High School1997-2000
Bill RiceFTB6-4245-Salt Lake City, UT1973-1976
Doug RichardsMBKB6-3190-Salt Lake City, UT1970-1974
Golden RichardsFTB6-1178-Salt Lake City, UT1970-1971
Sterling RichardsFTB5-11162-Salt Lake City, UT1973-1974
Floyd RichardsenFTB6-0170-Salt Lake City, UTSouth High School1946
Nathan RicksFTB6-2226-Salt Lake City, UT1979
Howard RingwoodFTB6-0180-Salt Lake City, UT1957-1959
Debbie RobbWTEN5-6-Salt Lake City, UT1980-1982
Deena RobbinsWGYM5-4-Salt Lake City, UT1980-1981
Jeff RobbinsMTEN5-9155-Salt Lake City, UTOlympus High School1977-1978
Jim RobbinsMTEN6-2175-Salt Lake City, UTOlympus High School1971-1975
Ryan RobertsMSWIM5-11153-Salt Lake City, UTBrighton High School1993-1994
Jordan RodgersMGOLF6-1185SeniorSalt Lake City, UT2008-2010 | 2012-2015
Zachary RoinsonMVLB6-5185-Salt Lake City, UTOlympus High School1997 | 2000
Jerry RomneyMBKB6-2175-Salt Lake City, UT1949-1952
Kris RosanderMTEN5-11160-Salt Lake City, UTSkyline High School1991-1992 | 1994-1997
Scott RuniaMBKB6-1170-Salt Lake City, UT1976-1980
Jill Sanders PlumbWVLB6-1-Salt Lake City, UTHighland High School1985-1988
Terry SanfordBSB6-0175-Salt Lake City, UT1969-1971
Terry SanfordFTB6-0170-Salt Lake City, UT1967-1968
Dick SawyerMBKB6-6195-Salt Lake City, UT1957-1958
Nel SchetselaarMTEN-Salt Lake City, UT1954-1955
Jerry ScheurnBSB5-9175-Salt Lake City, UTGranite High School1964-1967
Steve SchneiterMGOLF-Salt Lake City, UT1985-1987
Steve SchreinerMBKB6-7225-Salt Lake City, UT1987-1991
Ryan ScottMTRACK6-2FreshmanSalt Lake City, UTSkyline High School2015
Gary ShawFTB6-0185-Salt Lake City, UT1973-1975
Gary ShawMSWIM6-0165-Salt Lake City, UTGranger High School1972-1973
Natalie Shields-ConnollyWCC5-8SeniorSalt Lake City, UTEast High School2012 | 2014-2016
Natalie Shields-ConnollyWTRACK5-7SophomoreSalt Lake City, UTEast High School2013 | 2015
Natalie Shields-ConnollyWTRACK5-7SeniorSalt Lake City, UTEast High School2012-2013 | 2015
Megan Shupe PessoaWGYM5-1-Salt Lake City, UTCottonwood High School2002-2004
Lachell SimmonsWGOLF5-6-Salt Lake City, UTCottonwood High School1987-1991
Stewart SimpsonFTB6-1195-Salt Lake City, UTHighland High School1965-1966 | 1968
Norm SlaymakerFTB6-0168-Salt Lake City, UT1952
Ashley SmithWSOC5-9-Salt Lake City, UTEast High School2002-2005
Clayton Farr SmithMSWIM6-1190-Salt Lake City, UT1995-1996 | 1998-2001
Craig SmithBSB6-2180-Salt Lake City, UT1996-1997
George SmithFTB6-3195-Salt Lake City, UT1957-1958
Merlin SmithFTB6-3210-Salt Lake City, UT1958-1960
Morgan SmithMBKB6-5185-Salt Lake City, UTBrighton High School1999-2000
Reynolds SmithFTB6-2225-Salt Lake city, UTEast High School1946
Spencer SmithMTEN5-10155-Salt Lake City, UTBrighton High School2009-2013
Travis SmithMSWIM5-8145-Salt Lake City, UT1991-1992
Greg SnowMBKB6-7210-Salt Lake City, UT1971-1975
Aydre SoffeWSOC5-3-Salt Lake City, UTSkyline High School1999-2003
Brian SorensenMSWIM6-4205-Salt Lake City, UTCottonwood High School1999-2000 | 2001-2004
Corrie Lynne SorensenWSWIM5-10-Salt Lake City, UTCottonwood High School1995-1998
Jeff SorensenFTB5-8187-Salt Lake City, UTBrighton High School2006
Kenna SorensenWSWIM6-3-Salt Lake City, UT1986-1990
Linc SorensenBSB6-2190-Salt Lake City, UT1956
Scott SorensenMSWIM6-3195JuniorSalt Lake City, UTSkyline High School2012-2013 | 2015-2016
Tom SorensenFTB6-5310-Salt Lake City, UTVanderbilt2006-2008
Chris SpackmanMTEN6-2170-Salt Lake City, UTUniversity of Utah1980-1981
Lisa SpendloveWCC5-4-Salt Lake City, UTEast High School1991
Lisa SpendloveWTRACK5-4-Salt Lake City, UT1991
Brad StaceyMSWIM5-11160-Salt Lake City, UT1980-1981
Melanie SteereWTRACK5-2-Salt Lake City, UT1999-2001
Brent StephensonMBKB6-9200-Salt Lake City, UT1985-1987
DeMar StoutFTB5-8172-Salt Lake City, UT1951
Jason StrawFTB6-0180-Salt Lake City, UTRicks Junior College1996-1997
Heidi Huber SummersWTRACK5-7-Salt Lake City, UT2005-2007
Brad SutterfieldMGOLF6-0165-Salt Lake City, UTBrighton High School1987-1988 | 1990-1994
Dave SwansonFTB6-1190-Salt Lake City, UTGranite High School1965 | 1968
Sean SwensonFTB6-1189-Salt Lake City, UTEast High School2010
Eric TakenakaFTB5-10210SeniorSalt Lake City, UTSnow Junior College2015-2016
Merrill TaliauliFTB6-2305SophomoreSalt Lake City, UTEast High School2013 | 2016
Joshua TannerMSWIM6-0176JuniorSalt Lake City, UTSkyline High School2009-2010 | 2012-2013
Susan TaylorWTRACK5-8-Salt Lake City, UT1998-1999
Susan TaylorWCC5-8-Salt Lake City, UT1998-1999
Melissa TeemantWTRACK5-8-Salt Lake City, UT1994-1997
Jennifer TeerlinkWSWIM5-7-Salt Lake City, UT1997-2001
Lolo TenifaFTB5-10174-Salt Lake City, UTHighland High School2008
Joel ThelerFTB6-2195-Salt Lake City, UTBrighton High School2003-2004
Camille ThomasWSOC5-8-Salt Lake City, UTSkyline High School1995-1997
Alana ThompsonWSWIM5-9-Salt Lake City, UTCottonwood High School1983-1985
Dave TidwellBSB6-0175-Salt Lake City, UT1983-1985
Jim TingeyMSWIM6-1160-Salt Lake City, UT1977-1978
Gleed ToombesMSWIM6-0160-Salt Lake City, UT1970-1971
Gary TrostMBKB6-10235-Salt Lake City, UT1987-1988 | 1990-1993
Landon TrostMSWIM5-8130-Salt Lake City, UTTaylorsville High School2001-2002
Dave TuckerMGOLF5-10-Salt Lake City, UT1973-1974
Mike TuckerMGOLF6-3-Salt Lake City, UT1975-1976
Mike TurnerFTB6-6275-Salt Lake City, UT1985