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Every Brigham Young University student-athlete can succeed in the classroom and earn their degree. Those who are truly committed to excellence in all areas of their life understand the importance of a good education as they prepare for the future. Learning how to learn is often the first step for academic success. Let me share what I have learned about academic success from experts in learning as well as students who have excelled in college.

  1. Get organized! Successful students learn how to effectively manage their time and plan their study sessions. Become familiar with your class syllabus and key dates for assignments. Chaos and lack of discipline are two of your worst enemies. Learn to take control of your time and use it productively.
  2. Attend every class and be on time! You would not expect your athletic team to be a winner if you practiced only a couple of times a week or just when you felt like it. Likewise, you must be mentally tough and disciplined enough to go to class every day and be focused and active while you are there.
  3. Be prepared for class! Go to class having read the assignment and completed the homework. Staying caught up will help you get more from class and relieve a tremendous amount of stress.
  4. Periodically, review your lecture and reading notes! Review sessions will help you retain what you learn and will better prepare you for exams.
  5. Begin your major projects and papers early in the semester! By spreading the workload out, you will do a better job and have less stress at the end of the semester.
  6. Plan to spend 2 hours outside of class studying for every one hour in class! This is a general rule that will give you an idea about how many hours good students spend studying each week. Thus, if you are taking 14 credits hours you should be studying roughly 28 hours per week.
  7. Surround yourself with friends who are committed to both athletic and academic excellence! Most BYU student-athletes do well in the classroom. Find those on your team who are good students and model your study habits after them.
  8. Get help early if you need it! There are academic advisors available to assist you with your general study habits and tutors for specific subjects. You can also help yourself by getting involved in study groups or attending TA sessions organized by the Student Athlete Center.
  9. Work closely with your professors and make sure they know you are a student-athlete that cares about academics! Tell them your travel schedule for the semester during the first week of class and remind them each week you travel. Most professors will work with you if you show them you are serious about school.

If you have any questions about how you can improve your academic success, please contact your academic advisor in the Student Athlete Center. For more information about academic support services available to all BYU students.

If you have been previously diagnosed with a learning disability or have reason to believe you have a learning disability, contact Dr. Ron Chamberlain in the Student Athlete Center or the Services for Students with Disabilities office.