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When do I declare a major?

Once you declare a major, every class you take must apply to your major, minor, or GE to count towards your 24 hours needed for eligibility. NCAA does not require you to declare a major until your 5th semester. For this reason, we suggest you keep an open major until your 5th semester, even if you already know what major you want to declare. During your 5th semester you must declare a major. This doesn't mean you should wait until your 5th semester to decide your major. Many programs have prerequisite courses so it is beneficial to make a decision early.

What if I declared my major and I'm not in my 5th semester?

Go to the Open-Major Advisement Center 2500 and change your major back to an open-major.

How do I declare a major?

To declare a major, go to the college advisement center for that major and tell them you want to declare a major. If it is a limited enrollment program, it will show up as a "pre- (major)" until you are accepted into that program.

Do I have to declare a minor?

Yes. In order to count your hours for eligibility your minor must be declared and show up on your ABC report. To declare a minor, go to the college advisement center for that minor.

What does limited enrollment and open enrollment mean?

Because some majors are high in demand or there may be limited faculty, they only accept a certain number of students into the programs each year. This is called a limited enrollment program. Limited enrollment programs require an application and usually have prerequisite courses. Open enrollment programs allow anyone into the program. Some open enrollment programs still have applications and/or prerequisite courses. Check with your academic advisor or College Advisement Center for specific information on the majors you are thinking about.