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Sports Careers

Academic Athletic Advisor

Advise athletes on course selection, time management, goal setting, career guidance, and concerns related to sport eligibility

Athletic Counselor

Counsel athletes on sport-related and non-sport-related issues

May do some performance enhancement

Athletic Director

Supervise, develop, and administer a school's athletic program and sports department

Organize and supervise physical educators and coaches

Athletic Equipment Designer

Create or design equipment for athletes

Make the equipment more useful and more effective

Athletic Fashion Designer

Create styles of clothing for elite athletes or the general public

Athletic Trainer

Design and implement injury prevention and rehabilitation programs

Provide immediate treatment of current injuries

Travel with the team and attend all practices and competitions

Camp Manager

Supervise and recruit camp counselors, plan and direct camp activities, work with children and young adults


Train and motivate athletes to perform competitively

Recruit athletes, develop lineup and competition strategies

Director of College Intramural Programs

Organize and advertise availability of sports for fun for college students

Organize competitions, official, scoring, and tournament results

Health/Fitness Trainer

Train others to organize fitness programs and evaluate programs

Educate individual about health and fitness

Landscape Architect for Athletic Areas

Design and supervise the building of athletic stadiums, fields, buildings, and recreational areas

Outdoor Leadership Program Trainer

Supervise program leaders or instructors

Develop and direct training programs for instructors

Supervise and evaluate programs

Personal Trainer

Provide exercise and fitness programs for individuals' best fitness level

Physical Education

Instruct sport-related classes and evaluate students

Adhere to mandated physical education and fitness requirements

Physical Therapist

Work with athletes who have been injured to restore function, reduce pain, prevent more injuries, and get athletes competing again quickly

Professional Athlete

Master and continually practice and develop skills in sport

Compete in sport as a career and make a living in sport

Publications Writer

Develop press releases and produce other sport-related media

Create positive images for athletes and athletics through publications

Radio Sportscaster

Report sport-related news to radio audiences, provide commentary during competitions

Recreation Facilities Director

Organize and supervise planning for recreation programs, budget, and employees

Recreation Therapist

Organize and supervise recreational activities

Prescribe recreational activities for individuals

Resort/Park/Health Club Management

Organize and supervise fitness services, activities, and events

Hire employees; manage the organization's budget

Sport Psychologist

Employ performance enhancement techniques that pertain to mental toughness, coping, and concentration

Generally trained in both physical education and psychology

Sport and Recreation Facilities Planner

Develop, supervise, and evaluate programs for sport and recreation

Hire and train instructors for programs

Sports Advertisement Designer

Create and "sell" advertisements for a sporting event or team

Sport Biologist

Have knowledge of the physiology of exercise--what happens with the body during sport and exercise

Teach or do research in the area of movement science and sport biology

Sport Historian

Study the history of sport and sport-related areas

Publish works on history of sport

Sports Illustrator

Create images of sports through art

Sports Information Director

Provide sport-related information to the public

Promote ticket sales and the reputation of the team through articles, interviews, press announcements, and other materials

Sports Journalist

Report sport-related information through articles and feature stories

Attend sport competitions and other sport-related events

Sports Marketing Executive

Create advertisements, promotions, and fund-raising plans to create income for costly sports

Design marketing plans to measure the need and interest for sports facilities

Sports Medicine

Deal with treatment and rehabilitation of injured athletes as well as injury prevention

Sports medicine professionals include sports physician, orthopedists, chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and massage therapists

Sports Nutritionist

Consult with teams or individual athletes to develop beneficial diets

Knowledge in weight control, vitamins, and precompetition meals which may help prevent injury and maintain athletes' health

Sports Official

In depth knowledge of the sport

Constant education, training, or certification to keep up on current rules and regulations of the sport

Sports Photographer

Take photos of sport-related events and participants

Sport Physiologist

Study and analyze improvement of athletes' endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility

Evaluate athletes' potential, develop conditioning and injury prevention programs, and consult with others who work with the athletes

Team Manager

Organize and supervise the training, planning, on-field performance, and evaluation of the athletes

Currently assuming more corporate responsibilities such as finance, promotions, and labor negotiations

Team Scout

Travel to sporting events to evaluate athletes

Report to coaches, owners, general managers about athletes

TV Sportscaster

Narrate sports information to television viewers

Edit information for sportscast; provide commentary during competitions

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