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A vital part of Brigham Young University's involvement in the CHAMPS/Life Skills program includes a commitment to service. The CHAMPS program supports the philosophy that all student-athletes have inherit talents that allow them to excel in athletics and in life. Athletes provide valuable role models and have many unique opportunities to serve their campus and surrounding communities. The Student Athlete Academic Center coordinates service opportunities networking with schools, churches, and community events. Many requests for service projects are received throughout the year. Student-athletes are expected to be involved in at least three hours of community service per semester. Student-athletes enjoy the opportunity to be involved in serving and find these opportunities fun and rewarding.


To get involved in community service, a student-athlete may contact Bob and Cindy Wakefield at 422-4575 or by email. Community service opportunities are posted in the student-athlete center, and student-athletes may sign up. Opportunities will also be posted on the Student Athlete Academic Center home page. A student-athlete may also contact their team SAAC representative for information regarding service opportunities.

The following are some of the major service opportunities athletes can be involved in:

  • Buff Don't Puff: An anti-smoking program for local elementary schools.
  • Red Ribbon Week: Anti-drug week at local schools.
  • Special Olympics: State-wide activity held on BYU campus during the summer.
  • Mini Sports Clinics: Various sports clinics are held at local schools and on BYU campus.
  • Mentor Programs: Athletes can mentor high school or elementary students.
  • Speakers Bureau: Athletes have speaking opportunities for firesides, seminaries, church organizations, schools, boy scouts, etc. locally and while traveling.