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Cougar Council

The Cougar Council consists of, on average, two representatives from each athletic team assembled. The committee offers input on the rules, regulations, and policies that are made by the Athletic Department and University administration. Participation on this committee provides an excellent opportunity for student-athletes to gain leadership experience. The committee meets monthly and has a meeting with President Bateman each semester. The BYU Cougar Council exists to:

  • Promote communication between the athletic administration and student-athletes
  • Disseminate information
  • Provide feedback and insight into Athletic Department issues
  • Generate a student-athlete voice within the Athletic Departments' formulation of policies
  • Build a sense of community within the athletic program involving all athletic teams
  • Solicit student-athlete responses to proposed conference and NCAA legislation
  • Organize community service efforts
  • Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees (i.e., student government)
  • Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus

Student-athletes who are interested in participating in Cougar Council should contact their team representatives:

Cougar Council Advisor:
Janie Penfield
Bob & Cindy Wakefield
Ginni Revuelta

Check out the NCAA website for more information about the national Student Athlete Advisory Committee (Education/Outreach link):