Gaugau V. Tavanā Staff Bio | Assistant to Director of Student-Sthlete Academic Center

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Gaugau V. Tavanā


Namulau’ulu Gaugau V. Tavanā, Ph.D.


  • Special Assistant to the Director of Student-Athlete Academic Center
  • Academic counselor for baseball, men’s and women’s tennis, women’s golf
  • Counseling emphasis: intrinsic value, self-efficacy, attribution and self-responsibility 


  • Ph.D. in education administration (Most Outstanding Doctoral Studies AERA 1995)
  • MED in curriculum and instructional science
  • BS cum laude in teaching and learning
  • NZDipEd in mathematics and science teaching – Auckland, New Zealand

Prior to BYU

  • Lecturer for advanced language and culture courses at BYU
  • Professor of business management at the Stevens-Henager College of America
  • Director of Education NTBG in partnerships with the University of Hawaii  
  • Director/administrator/teacher at the Church Schools Samoa
  • Chairman of Professional Development at the National University of Samoa


  • Saipipi, Fa’asalele’aga, Savai’i, Samoa


  • Married to Fiapapalagi of New Zealand
  • Has seven children – Fao, Lupe, Dennis, Justina, Delsa, Futi and Devin
  • Holds the Samoan Chiefly Title of Namulau’ulu