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Day Five in Italy

Players by entrance to Romeo and Juliet Balcony

BYU Team travels to Pordenone via Verona, Italy

Day five by Marie Beck – 5/17/10

We went by bus from Milan to Verona and then on to Pordenone. The scenery was full of green trees and grass. Most of our drive was by farms and along the way we drove past a castle. There was also some Karaoke going on, on the bus to keep us entertained.

Verona was a very beautiful city. It still has some of the old city walls. The arena, which is a smaller coliseum, is there and so is Juliet’s balcony from the story of Romeo and Juliet. We had lunch in the city and I had a margarita pizza that was delicious and had some gelato, of course. Today I chose strawberry and banana flavored gelato.

We arrive in Pordenone around 5 p.m., and checked into our hotel. It is very little and cute and it is a family run hotel so it is a small hotel. Our room has two small twin beds about a foot apart.

In Verona I got a postcard of the city and a paper with my name written on it done by a very fancy sewing machine.

One of the things that I’ve noticed while in Italy is that a lot of the stores close early in the day. Sunday’s are also kept very traditional and most places are closed.

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