Day One In Milan, Italy

Team members in front of Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy (May 14, 2010) The BYU women’s basketball team experienced its first full day on its European Tour, learning about the Italian culture with a tour of Milan.

The team’s first stop was at the Duomo, the second largest church in the world. The late-Gothic structure is adorned with 135 marble spires and 2,245 marble statues.

Also on the schedule for the day was a tour of Sforzesco Castle, one of the beloved monuments in the city of Milan. Since the 20th century the castle has become a place of culture hosting numerous Lombard art collections.

The team finished the day with a group dinner featuring a variety of pastas and pizzas, and gelato.

On Saturday the team heads to Switzerland for their first game against a team from Bellinzona, Switzerland.

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