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Get to Know: Sarah Red-Hostetter

Senior guard Sarah Red-Hostetter sparks the Cougars with energy and experience off the bench. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Name: Sarah Hostetter

The three words that would best describe me are: Friendly, Funny, Easy-going

If married, husband’s name: Brandon Hostetter

Is husband an athlete at BYU? Former Athlete

If so, which sport? Track and Field

I’m most impressed with this at BYU: The kindness and care of teachers and people at BYU, and my basketball team and coaches!

The person I would most like to play one-on-one against is: Michael Jordan

Why do you play basketball: I love it! I love competing and getting better. Working hard and feeling rewarded.

You won’t see me without this: My purse (changes periodically)

My favorite book is: The Twilight Series

My favorite movie is: Too many to name one.

My favorite website is:

What advice would you give the youth of today: Work hard and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

What would I like to do sometime in my life: Have kids.

What is something people don’t know about you: I love to play beach volleyball and eat a treat after every meal.

If I had three wishes, I would wish for:

1. The ability to never get tired and sore

2. Clear skin all the time

3. Money would be nice.


Sarah's Stats:

Yr G/GS FG-FGA % FT-FTA % 3-pts % Pts. Reb. A. BL. St. TO.

08 21/1 18-40.4505-7 .714 8-17.471 49 8 3 2 7 7

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