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Player Seriously Injured On Way To Family Funeral

Provo, UT (Oct. 26, 2001) Shauna Tuft, a member of BYU's women's basketball team was seriously injured in a car accident last weekend as she and her brother were driving to Arizona to a family funeral.

Tuft, a sophomore forward from Mesa, Arizona and her brother Heber were involved in a car accident when their car blew out a tire, flipped and turned injuring both of them.

Shauna was air lifted to Flagstaff, Arizona with collapsed lungs and broken vertebrae in her neck. She had been breathing through a respirator, but was taken off them two days ago and is breathing on her own. She also has some feeling in her legs and arms. Her brother was hospitalized in St. George with his injuries and was released yesterday. The accident occurred between Kanab, Utah and Flagstaff, Arizona.

"This has been a tough week for the players and coaches," said assistant coach Trent Shippen. "The team has battled through it and they've tried to be focused during practice as much as they can."

"Shauna is one of the neatest young women I've ever met. She's always giving her all at practice, working hard to make the team better, and she gained the respect of all of her teammates," added Shippen.

The team as well as close friends and family held a special fast for Shauna on Monday. During the 2000-2001 season Tuft, who walked on the team, played in seven games.