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Senior forward Kristin Kozlowski shares her favorite BYU memory

If the four senior players on the BYU women's basketball team were asked what their favorite memory of playing for the Cougars is, three would probably tell you something actually related to basketball.

But the answer of forward Kristen Kozlowski would be a love story perfect for Valentine's Day, complete with a cupid and all.

During the 2001-02 season Kristen met Travis Kozlowski, now her husband, at one of her games that would later become known as her favorite BYU memory.

Kristen had just transferred to BYU from Boise State where she played her freshman year.Because of the transfer, she was red-shirting her first year with the Cougars. They were playing Colorado State and Kristen was with her team.

"I walked in and he was at the game," Kristen said."He came to watch with one of his friends."

Travis had actually come to a men's game that had finished just before the women's game was scheduled to start.He and his friend decided to stay a little longer to watch another friend on the women's team.

Enter Cupid.

George Curtis has been the BYU head athletic trainer with the Cougars since Travis' father, Richard, and uncle, Glenn, played football on the 1984 national championship team.George's daughters used to baby-sit Travis when he was growing up.Travis was on the football team and had a good relationship with George.

"We saw George down on the floor," Travis said, "so we went down and started talking to him."

As Travis was talking with George he saw Kristen with her team.ýHis interest was sparked and he asked George who she was.ýGeorge told Travis her name and that was the end of the conversation.

When the game started Travis and his friend returned to their seats for the game. A few minutes later Travis felt a tap on his shoulder.George was standing there with the basketball player Travis had asked about earlier.

After an awkward introduction, Kristen returned to her team and Travis and his friends eventually left the game early.But the spark was lit and Cupid still had some work to do.

George eventually got Kristen's phone number and gave it to Travis and the rest is history.

Travis has been a great support for Kristen as she has grown to be an integral part of the BYU women's basketball team.

"There is a lot of support there," Kristen said. "He understands the pressure of playing in the games."

Travis had played football at BYU and has had experience being in an intense game atmosphere.He has been able to feel a little of what Kristen feels as she prepares and plays in the games.

"You are more nervous for them than anything," Travis said."As a spectator you are nervous for them to do well and you want them to do well."

Kristen says that marrying into a family with an athletic background was something she has always wanted.

Travis, his father, and his uncle all played football at BYU. Kristen has a family that is very involved with athletics, so she has felt right at home with Travis' family.

So after meeting awkwardly three years ago before that Colorado State game, Kristen considers that moment her favorite BYU memory.

When asked about what her favorite basketball related memory from BYU, Kristen will immediately tell you about her teammates and coaches.

"Without them I wouldn't be where I am at today," Kristen said of her teammates and coaches."I will miss playing with them and being a part of each game and the adrenaline rush before."

Kristen and the other senior basketball players will be honored at their last home game in the Marriott Center, February 19, 2005.