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Team Spends Final Day in Rome and in Italy

Team attends church in Rome, Italy

The BYU women's basketball team wraps up its European Tour with a day in Rome, Italy.

Italy Experiences by Kim Parker – 5/23/10

Today we went to church in Rome. We walked from our hotel to the church and when we walked in the missionaries gave us little headsets so we could listen to them translate the meeting. It is amazing how you could feel the spirit so strongly and how similar everything was to church back home. I loved it. I realized that the church feels and runs the same all around the world.

After church we took the subway and went to see the Coliseum. It was absolutely amazing! It was a lot bigger than what I expected. I thought it was incredible and definitely one of my most favorite things I’ve been able to see on this trip.

I also really liked the time we got to spend in Switzerland. It was just absolutely gorgeous.

I truly feel blessed and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to come on this trip. It is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that I won’t ever forget it.

I will always remember the people I’ve met, the missionary experiences I have been able to have, and the fabulous places I have seen. Another thing that I’ve enjoyed is getting closer to the girls on our team through specific experiences.

Today we were able to talk to two guys on the street about the gospel. We gave them a small Book of Mormon and we were able to answer some of their questions and I loved that!

Throughout this trip I’ve been able to buy some gifts and souvenirs for my family and for myself.

Going Home Tomorrow by Alexis Kaufusi – 5/23/10

This has been a really fun trip. I am happy to be going back to the states, but in a way not happy to be leaving. Italy is amazing. I really love it here, but I miss home and my family as well.

Rome was unreal. The Coliseum that we went to see today was my favorite. I love the food here and it’s been fun to be able to see all the different cities and historical sites that we’ve had an opportunity to see and learn about.

I also loved all the shopping I was able to do, and I bought souvenirs for all my family members.

Playing the games with the different teams was also a good experience for me.

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