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Vermunt Talks About Olympics

Stephanie Vermunt was recruited from Bert Church High School. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Where are you from? Calgary, Alberta

Why did you decide to come to BYU? I knew that I’d always wanted to play basketball in the states and thought BYU would be the ultimate choice for me so when they started recruiting me, it showed me how it could be more than just basketball here. I don’t have to worry about balancing school and church.

What do you like about being on this team? I like always having positive influences around me. Being a freshman, you make a lot of mistakes but everyone is here to help you and not judge you. It’s nice.

What’s your favorite winter Olympic event to watch? I love the figure skating because I used to do that. I also love to watch the hockey and snowboarding. My grandpa is an avid Flames fan and he works for them so I went to a few games and grew up watching them.

What does having the Olympics in your home country mean to you? I think it’d be a little different if it was actually in my hometown but it’s still really neat to know that your country is hosting. I’ve had a small taste of what it’s like to compete internationally when I played for Team Canada so just knowing that that type of competition is in your country is awesome. It’d be cool if I could be there to see it all.

If you could compete in one event, which one would it be? I’d probably say figure skating because it’s what I can do.