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Tee Time: Lauren Atkinson

(Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

In her first season for BYU, Freshman Lauren Atkinson has competed in three events for the Cougars this season.

Birthplace: Provo, Utah

Birthday: June 2nd

Academic major: Undecided

Parent’s names: Brandon and Kate

How many siblings do you have: Five

Favorite pets: Dog, cows, chickens, cat

Favorite color: Green

Favorite movie: The Proposal

Favorite place to eat: Café Rio

Favorite ice cream: Chocolate Reeses

Fears: Heights, Horror movies

Two things you must have on road trips: Food and good music

Top three things you did last year: Ragnar Relay, Hill Cumorah Pageant, family reunion

One place you’d like to visit: Australia

First person you call after a match:  My parents