Tee Time: Margaret Gibby-Wright

Greatest BYU golf memory: The first BYU tournament I played in at Oregon. I played for five straight hours in the rain. It was so much fun and is just a fond memory in my BYU golf career. I also enjoy it when all the girls are together.

Favorite BYU professor: Jeff Humpherys -- Math 334 / Dr. Steven Wood -- Chemistry 105

Favorite BYU class: Sharing the Gospel -- Randy Bott

Favorite Coach Nyhus quote: One time she started singing, "Don't worry ... be happy."

Favorite Pro Golfer: Phil Mickelson

My number one aspiration in life is: To raise a happy family

Favorite springtime activity besides golf: I really love playing golf, but hiking the Y is also fun

Hero growing up: My older brother Greg. Growing up, he was a great example to me and I always thought he was the coolest guy.

If I could be on a Reality TV show, it would be: Nothing. I don't really like Reality TV. It makes me nervous.

Favorite music group/artist: Growing up, it was The Beatles. I also enjoy listening to The Eagles.

Favorite golf movie: Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius (Legend of Bobby Jones)

I get ready for a tournament by: Organizing all my stuff, like putting the mark on my ball, folding my pin sheet and looking in the mirror and smiling. I remind myself that this is a game and it's fun.

My greatest accomplishment in life: I'm sitting here in my condo, living with my husband, getting an education at BYU, doing something I love ... playing golf; I really have accomplished a lot and I am grateful for all I have and am capable of doing.

I chose to play golf because: I saw a lot of potential in golf. I loved playing soccer growing up, but I'm not that fast. My older sister played golf and I always loved going and playing with her. I didn't love it then. It wasn't until I really worked at it that I really began to love golf.

Conservative or Risk-taker: I do things on impulse. Whether it's a conservative play or a risky one, I go on instinct. I remember one time hitting out of a fairway bunker. I thought I would play it conservative and hit the ball out onto the fairway, but as I approached the ball, my instinct told me to go for the green. So, I did.

If I could hit any club it would be: Titleist. Growing up, I hit PING, but I think my next set of clubs will be Titleist.

When I have spare time, I: Practice playing the organ. I'm just learning, but it's a lot fun. I love hanging out with my husband. We like going to bookstores and looking at children's books. I also love to cook.

Favorite vacation spot: Fripp Island, South Carolina. Really, the only thing on the island is a resort with two golf courses. Everything just seems perfect. Other than that, it would have to be Monterey, CA.

Nickname: Margo or Switzerland

Best opponent you've faced: Besides the golf course, for me, it's dealing with myself, an internal struggle, fighting what I tend to think about when I get distracted. I also enjoy competing against UNLV. They're a really good team and have some awesome golfers. They are just a fun competitor.

Biggest supporter: Until I got married, it was my Dad. He knows a lot about golf. Between my older sister and I playing golf at BYU, he's watched collegiate golf for seven years. He really knows what to say when I'm feeling down or when I'm doing well. Now that I'm married, my husband is really a big support for me, encouraging me even when I'm not doing as well as I could.

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