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Tee Time: Natalie Newren

Greatest BYU golf memory: I remember my freshman year driving in the car with Carrie Summerhays down to a tournament in New Mexico. It was the day after 9/11 it was a 13-hour drive. We saw a car with a BYU license plate cover and Carrie shoved her BYU t-shirt out the window. She was always so excited to show her support for BYU. Every time we're driving somewhere, I always think of Carrie.

Favorite BYU professor: Randy Bott -- Religion / Professor Brett Latimer -- American Heritage

Favorite BYU class: RMYL 189

Favorite Coach Brockbank quote: "See it, feel it, trust it."

Favorite Pro Golfer: Phil Mickelson

My number one aspiration in life is: To be successful in whatever I decide to do and to feel good about my decisions in life.

Favorite springtime activity besides golf: Camp barbeques and flying kites

Hero growing up: My dad. He taught me to value hard work and putting time into the things I do. It was never, "Practice makes perfect." It was always, "Perfect practice makes perfect."

If I could be on a Reality TV show, it would be: Survivor

Favorite music group/artist: I really like Country, such as Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban.

Favorite golf movie: Happy Gilmore

I get ready for a tournament by: Playing the course twice in my mind before I go out and play it. I have a couple of CDs I listen to, like Rocky, to get pumped up to play.

My greatest accomplishment in life: I feel really good about where the team has come from since my freshman year. I feel like I've contributed by having a positive attitude and helping build up the rest of my teammates. I never let anyone talk bad about coach or other teammates.

I chose to play golf because: It was something I was thrown into. We (my sisters and I) didn't get to experience other sports. We were all just naturally gifted or born into the golfing.

Conservative or Risk-taker: Conservative

If I could hit any club it would be: PING

When I have spare time, I: Like to run, read and play other sports. I played racquetball for the first time. I just like doing new things.

Ideal vacation spot: Egypt. I'm a big fan of National Geographic and am fascinated with pyramids and Cairo.

Nickname: Hard Core, Nat Brat or Nat

Best opponent you've faced: Myself, but more specifically, my thought process while at BYU. I've really tried to change my attitude throughout my career at BYU. My example on the golf course not only reflects on the team and the school, but also the Church and eventually Jesus Christ.

Biggest supporter: My dad. He's always asking about my game and how he can

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