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BYU Loses To No. 5 Nebraska In Last Regular Season Road Meet

LINCOLN -- In its last road meet of the season until regionals, the BYU women's gymnastics team lost to No. 5 Nebraska 196.775 to 194.325 in a dual meet Monday in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Huskers finished the night with winners in every event. Amy Ringo won the all-around with a score of 39.225. BYU sophomore Kelly Parkinson led the Cougars with an all-around score of 38.175 to finish third.

Nebraska's Heather Brink had the high event score of the night, scoring a perfect 10.00 on the vault to win the event. Parkinson finished tied for third on vault with a score of 9.800.

Senior Leah Niepraschk and sophomore Mindi Hilton tied for fourth on the uneven bars with a score of 9.825. On the floor exercise Parkinson and junior Kim Little tied for fourth with a score of 9.875.

The Cougars will host their final meet of the season Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Marriott Center. They will host a three-team meet with Southern Utah and the University of Utah. It will be the third time the Cougars have competed with the Thunderbirds and the second with the Utes.

Nebraska: 196.775

BYU: 194.325

Vault: Nebraska 49.150, BYU 48.500

1. Heather Brink (Neb), 10.000

2. Nicole Wilkinson (Neb), 9.825

3. Kelly Parkinson (BYU), 9.800

Laura Goss (Neb), 9.800

A.J. Lamb (Neb)

Bars: Nebraska 49.150, BYU 48.325

1. Julie Houk (Neb), 9.850

Lamb (Neb), 9.850

Jess Wertz (Neb), 9.850

4. Mindi Hilton (Neb), 9.825

Leah Niepraschk (Neb), 9.825

Amy Ringo (Neb), 9.825

Beam: Nebraska 49.025, BYU 48.475

1. Nicole Wilkinson (Neb), 9.850

2. Brink (Neb), 9.800

Jen French (Neb), 9.800

Wertz (Neb), 9.800

Floor: Nebraska 49.450, BYU 49.025

1. Brink (Neb), 9.925

2. Lamb (Neb), 9.900

Ringo (Neb), 9.900


1. Ringo (Neb), 39.225

2. Brink (Neb), 39.050

3. Parkinson (BYU), 38.175