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Up Close: Brittany Fischer

Brittany Fischer has been a key contributor on vault for the Cougars this season. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)


Favorite cold cereal: Cheerios with bananas. Mmmm!

Favorite Brad Cattermole quote: "If it's and buts were candy and nuts, it would be Christmas everyday."

I chose gymnastics over other sports because: My mom put me in gymnastics because I always got put in time-out during my dance class. I was always flipping around instead of dancing.

Before a meet I: Call my family, relax and listen to music. Oh, and I always have to put a batman tattoo on my left shoulder. Don't ask...it's a long story.

How did I spend my off-season: I took a few classes, ran and lifted weights. I also went to Las Vegas and Lake Powell with my family. It was a blast!

Who has had the greatest influence on my gymnastics career and why: My parents definitely. They have always been there for me through the good times and the bad. I have no doubt that I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

What do I want to be doing 20 years from now: Raising a family and possibly working part time.

Who is the best gymnast/team I have ever faced: University of Utah

What would I like to do sometime in my life: Visit some of the most historical sites around the world. I love history and I love to travel!

One place I would like to visit: I want to go to England next summer to visit my roommate Helen. I also want to go to New Zealand because that's where (Alethea) Boon is from and she is the coolest girl I know. (No, I'm not trying to suck up to her so she won't be too mean to me during my "roommate initiation".)

My favorite book is: What? People read books for fun?

If I could play another sport it would be: Well there is obviously a reason I am in gymnastics. I'm not really good at any other sports. But I guess if I had to pick something it would probably be track.

People say I look like: Some people say I look like my mom and some say my dad.

My favorite professor or most interesting class I've taken at BYU: Brother Bott. He is amazing. His class is pretty much the only one I enjoy going to.

What is my most memorable athletic achievement or moment: Winning the all-around at states and regionals in 2003

If I had to give up all of my possessions except one, what would be the one thing I kept: All of my photo albums.

Favorite scripture: Alma 37:36-37

My favorite web site is: hotmail.com and byucougars.com. And I'll admit it, I have a facebook that I check everyday too. As Cassie (Myers) would say, "how embarrassing."

My advice to youngsters: Live your life in a way that you can lie in bed at night and be able to say that you gave it all you had that day. Just enjoy life and have fun!!

Interesting fact most people don't know about me: I always bust out and start dancing at the most random times. Most of the time I don't think anyone sees me but someone always happens to see it and then they make fun of me.

If I were on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," the person I'd call for my lifeline is and why: My friend Daniel. He knows the most random facts of anyone I know.

If I were hosting you on a recruiting visit to Provo, the most impressive thing I'd have to show you is: The gymnastics team. When we get together it's a blast. I don't mean to brag but we are pretty much the coolest team at BYU.

If you could invite any three people to dinner who would they be: I can't think of anyone I would rather have dinner with than my family. They are amazing.

On the day of a meet, how do your friends and relatives follow the meet: They check online streaming and if it's on TV they watch it. I usually don't get to talk to them until the next day because of the time difference.

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