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Gymnastics Team Takes Second At Cat Classic

Kari Lords takes second in all-around in the Cat Classic (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

COLUMBIA -- The Cougars evened out their season, taking second place (196.125) at the Cat Classic on Friday night at the Hearnes Center in Columbia, Mo.

Missouri took first (197.350) with Penn State in third (195.575) and Kentucky in fourth (194.125).

"I'm really proud of the girls' performance tonight," said BYU head coach Brad Cattermole. "We had a shaky warm up, but once they got out there, they pulled together, focused and made it happen."

The surprise performance of the evening was Kari Lords, taking second in the all-around (39.375). Lords filled in on vault for teammate, Megan Donahue, who rolled her ankle during practice earlier this week. Lords also tied for first on beam with Missouri's Lauren Schwartzman (9.925).

Kirsten Pauga tied for first on vault (9.925) and teammate Jaime Mabray took second on the uneven bars (9.875).

The Cougars had a strong evening on bars and in the floor exercise, though the team had to count a fall on the beam.

"196.125 is a great road score," said Cattermole. "If someone had told me a week ago we'd take second but would have to count a fall, I'd take it."

Missouri's Alisha Robinson was the star of the evening, taking first in the all-around (39.650), the vault (9.925) and floor exercise (9.975), second in bars (9.875) and third on beam (9.875).

Cattermole said it was a great competition with strong teams, but Missouri definitely put on a strong performance.

"If you get on a roll like that in front of a home crowd, you're definitely going to have a great night," he said.

The top-10 individual event finishers will compete in the individual championship finals tomorrow night at 7 p.m. (CT).

The Cougars' next meet is at home on Friday, Feb. 13, against Utah State at 7 p.m. in the Marriott Center.

Team Results

Missouri 197.350

BYU 196.125

Penn State 195.575

Kentucky 194.125

Individual Results


1. Alisha Robinson (Missouri) 39.650

2. Kari Lords (BYU) 39.375

3. Michelle Gales (Kentucky) 39.200

4. Jennifer Orlando (Penn State) 38.975

5. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 38.950

6. Krystle Cook (Kentucky) 38.900

7. Aronda Primault (Kentucky) 38.400

Vault: (BYU 48.300; Missouri 49.300; Penn State 49.075; Kentucky 49.025)

1. Tie: Kristen Pauga (BYU); Alisha Robinson (Missouri); Krystle Cook (Kentucky) 9.925

4. Lauren Schwartzman (Missouri) 9.900

5. Tie: Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU); Jaime Mabray (BYU); Amanda Pezzullo (Missouri) 9.875

Other BYU scores:

Trisha Ashton 9.825

Megan Pessoa 9.800

Kari Lords 9.700

Uneven Bars: (Missouri 49.250; BYU 48.475; Penn State 48.400; Kentucky 48.275)

1. Jodie Heinicka (Missouri) 9.950

2. Tie: Jaime Mabray (BYU); Alisha Robinson (Missouri); Krystle Cook (Kentucky); Michelle Gales (Kentucky) 9.875

3. Kari Lords (BYU); Lindsay Davis (Missouri); Lisa Clark (Penn State) 9.850

Other BYU scores:

Lisa Willis 9.800

Kacie Capra 9.725

Candace Bauer 9.225

Brogan Jacobsen 9.050

Balance Beam: (Missouri 49.225; Penn State 49.125; BYU 48.975; Kentucky 48.100)

1. Tie: Kari Lords (BYU); Lauren Schwartzman (Missouri) 9.925

3. Alisha Robinson (Missouri); Kate Stopper (Penn State) 9.875

5. Aronda Primault (Kentucky); Meredith Hoover (Penn State) 9.850

Other BYU scores:

Trisha Ashton 9.775

Marie-Helene Claveau 9.775

Lisa Willis 9.750

Kirsten Pauga 9.750

Jaime Mabray 9.325

Floor Exercise: (Missouri 49.575; BYU 49.375; Kentucky 48.975; Penn State 48.725)

1. Tie: Alisha Robinson (Missouri); Lauren Schwartzman (Missouri) 9.975

3. Kate Stopper (Penn State) 9.950

4. Michelle Gales (Kentucky) 9.925

5. Tie: Kari Lords (BYU); Andrea Nervig (Missouri) 9.900

Other BYU scores:

Jaime Mabray 9.875

Marie-Helene Claveau 9.875

Lisa Willis 9.875

Kirsten Pauga 9.875

Trisha Ashton 9.650

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